Questions from the floor

Q: (Sarah Holt - BBC Sport)
Hello. Sebastian, you seemed really happy to get your tenth victory when you came on the radio at the end of the race. Is that something that was particularly important to you; you sounded even more excited than last weekend. Are you trying to match a record?

Sebastian Vettel:
Not really, but I was very happy with how the race went today. I had the feeling that we got everything out of the car. You know last week was a very, very special day but it took some time to really sink in and we finished third. I had the feeling that it was very close and maybe we could have done a little bit better. It doesn't meant that I'm not satisfied with third place; obviously I was extremely happy to win the Championship but if you know that your race wasn't the best from your side and there was a little bit left at the end there, then of course it's difficult, as I said after the race, to switch into a different mode, whereas here, I think we got everything out today, it was a brilliant race from start to finish. We were very clever with the tyres, able to read the tyres and pull the gaps at the end of the stints when it was important, where we were struggling in particular last week, so in that regard we came back much stronger and had a much better race and it was just fantastic. It was a great day for the team, as Mark touched on, securing the Constructors'. I knew that if we finished on equal points or a little bit ahead of McLaren as a team today we could secure the Constructors' and ten is a nice number so yeah, it was a nice day.

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Q: (Frederic Ferret - L'Equipe)
Mark and Sebastian, everybody talks about the title for Drivers. Can you explain to us what the Constructors' title means, that no one speaks about outside the paddock? How is it important for a driver?

Sebastian Vettel:
You need to understand that we have so many people off the track, especially in Milton Keynes, in the factory, working day-in, day-out, every day of the week, every month of the year, really trying to make or to build two very competitive race cars. It's not just one person or one area where things need to come together, it's everything. Even the staff of the kitchen matters and everything needs to come together. Obviously for us, the drivers, the most important championship is the Drivers' championship but for the team, it's the other way round, it's the Constructors', to know where they match with the other teams and it's very good to see that we had another very strong year after the strong season last year. As Mark touched on, to win back-to-back is outstanding and the guys are surely very happy and I think there will be a little bit of a bonus for them, so they will be happy.

Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speedsport News)
Lewis, from the outside, you've seemed a bit downcast this weekend to us who have been watching you. You didn't win but you had a very solid result. Do you leave, maybe, feeling a bit happier than when you came here?

Lewis Hamilton:
Not really. I think I came here in a decent mood, a good weekend, but I didn't win, I went backwards so I wouldn't say that I'm happy about that. But nonetheless, I was able to keep the car on the track and not get into trouble. I didn't have any penalties, so that's a positive on one side.

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport)
Mark, you mentioned that your set of tyres was still good. Could you have taken the risk to do a one-stop race?

Mark Webber:
I don't know if that was possible but yeah, earlier in the stint we spoke about going longer but I just stayed with Lewis to keep using the DRS and I was expecting to go quite a bit longer but we didn't get to do it in the end. I felt much more comfortable on the prime than in the first stint. I had extremely poor balance but I was very comfortable in the car on the harder tyre but I couldn't do much with it.

Q: (Joris Fioriti - Agence France Presse)
Lewis, you say happy, which I can't really see, looking at you. Is the fact that you were not able to catch the Red Bull and were thinking of victory; could that explain that you are a little bit down?

Lewis Hamilton:
I'm not, I'm fine. I've got a flight to catch so I would much rather be on that flight than sitting here. I just don't want to miss the flight. I think me and Mark have the same flight together. Oh, I don't know what else you want me to say. I'm not ecstatic, I didn't win but I finished second and that's a strong finish, compared to where I finished in the last five or six races, whatever. I am positive, but there's no need to celebrate, there's nothing to celebrate.

Q: (Julien Febreau - L'Equipe)
Could you talk a bit more about your fight, Mark? What did you think about Lewis's attitude during your fight, and the same question for Lewis about Mark?

Mark Webber:
It was absolutely fine on track. Lewis knew where his car was strong, he knew where my car was strong. We had a fight before the pit stop, we had a fight after the pit stop. Obviously I think the fight after the pit stop was haymakers, full-on into each other. It was a good battle. So I think overall I'm satisfied how the battle turned out. It was nothing extreme, just a good car race.

Lewis Hamilton:
Yeah, Mark drove fantastically well. He was very, very fair and as he said, the only way I could stay ahead of him was just using the strength of my... the power that we had at the exit of turn one and two. Otherwise, he was massively quick throughout the rest of the circuit and it was very, very fortunate that I was able to keep him behind me, but it was a long, long battle and to be honest, I wasn't very sure whether I would be able to keep him behind that whole time, especially when they said you have 15 laps and then eight laps and still [seemed] forever. But nonetheless, it was a good fight.