Q: (Adil Jal Darukhanwala - Zigwheels Racer)
Michael and Adrian, I don't think either of you has been present in Q3 in the last couple of races, even though you make it into the top ten. Is there any reason? Is it about the cars not being easy on the tyres, or is it taking much more of your soft tyres to get into Q3? What is the real reason?

Michael Schumacher:
I guess it was only the last race that I haven't been in (Q3) and I guess (it was) having just selected a bad set of tyres, because I wasn't too long or just too... because you just pick up a tenth of time with soft tyres, which normally almost give you a second. And I had already experienced some problems on the 'out' lap, but I thought I had enough in hand to do so. But generally, our performance is around seventh and eighth, that's what our base point is for qualifying. In the race, when we get things right, we can occasionally do better and I expect similar, hopefully a little further forward here, this weekend.

Adrian Sutil:
Well, for me qualifying has been a little bit better but also tyre life and everything is difficult for us in the race. But also in the last race, as I said before, the balance was just not good, so we have to try and make it better again. I think in Singapore we were very strong and competitive in the race, also in Suzuka, it could have been a little bit better, but the safety car caught me out, and that's the main reason why I lost the points, but I see our car quite consistent as well so in qualifying - in the race, sometimes a bit better than in qualifying, worse in the race, or the opposite way around but nothing to be concerned about.

Q: (Marco Degl'Innocenti - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Felipe, what are your personal targets and what are the team's for the last three races? Are you more concentrated on scoring points and winning here or more concentrated on starting to develop the car for next year?

Felipe Massa:
I think both. We've concentrated on the last three races. The target is always to fight for the podium, to try to see if we have the possibility to even get to fight for the victory. That's always the target. It's not easy but that's always the direction we take. Already, we're working very hard for next year, already developing the car, trying to put all the ideas for the new car, trying to see everything that we were not so happy this year about, to try to make the car stronger next year, which I guess most of the team is already working very hard on next year. But now these are important moments to put all the good points for the next year's development.

Q: (Vinayak Punde - Hindustan Times)
Narain, given how dusty the track is, and that there will probably be a line with grip and if you get off the racing line, it will be fairly dusty, is there concern about trying to overtake in circumstances like this, with the DRS wing open?

Narain Karthikeyan:
Well, off-line yes, it is going to be dirty for sure, so you just have to see where the best level of grip is and go for it. For us, the big problem is when you go off-line when you get lapped, that's the problem. We will try to see how it goes. The track is going to evolve a lot and we have to see where the level of grip is.

Q: (Talek Harris- Agence France Presse)
Michael, given the championship is already finished and with the two incidents we've had over the last couple of weeks, do you think there will be a temptation for drivers to take it easy this weekend?

Michael Schumacher:
I don't think that while we drive, we think that we put ourselves in danger. First of all, when we take the cars to the limit, that's what we feel comfortable with and therefore our ambition is always to take the cars to the limit and it will be the same here this weekend. To have total safety I think is absolutely impossible to call, in any part of life. Yes, there is more risk involved in race car sport and yes, Formula One is probably the quickest motor racing sport that you have around the world. At the same time, safety has been hugely improved. If you look at a new project such as this track, there's lots of huge run-off areas and it certainly has a very high standard of safety. If on top, something happens, then that's what I would call fate and fate is something that we all have to face sooner or later. I'm certainly very much touched by what has happened for both of the drivers that we have lost but unfortunately you have to say that that's life.

Q: (Chetan Narulla -
Michael, as Narain said, you have millions of fans here in India but also all over the world. How important is it for you to get on the top step of podium next year, how important is it for Mercedes to give you a good car?

Michael Schumacher:
I think it is very important for all of us: that's what we're here for. All of us involved in the team know the taste of winning races and championships and that's what we're here for, to do exactly that. We know that we are in the situation that we have to face right now and there's only one way forward, that's to focus, we're concentrated and don't panic and that's what we're doing. We're building up the future of Mercedes and hope to take the fruits of that rather sooner than later. But then there are limits to what you can do and you have to accept those limits too, and that's what we're doing right now.

Q: (Gary Meenaghan - The National)
This is obviously the first time we've been to India; we've been to a few new tracks in recent years but this is the first time that we've come to what is almost a new continent. Can you just give us an idea of if it feels different, some of the biggest differences that you've noticed and does it really feel as if Formula One is breaking new ground coming here?

Rubens Barrichello:
I would say so, I would say that it's great that Formula One is expanding and going to new places. Obviously in my long career, I never had the chance to get to India, for example, so it's great that with my sport and my job I'm able to visit a (new) country. It's been quite good to visit here. It's really been a good experience and a new one so I think that with Formula One trying to go back to United States and some other tracks, I think it's really, really good. It's more travelling for all of us, but I think Formula One is a worldwide business and it needs to be like that.

Jarno Trulli:
Definitely, every single new circuit and country that we visit is a breakthrough for Formula One. Formula One is not only a sport or motor sport, it's also business and it also brings a lot of messages to the countries that we visit, so it's definitely important that we expand and I think Formula One is spreading very well in the last five years and as we have heard, we are going to have two Grands Prix in the USA, which we all know is important. It's important for car manufacturers, it's important for Formula One, which has never been really highly rated in the US, but I think Formula One wants to be in every country, and I think every country wants to have a Formula One race. I think it's important for both sides.

Q: (Mridubha Kumar -
Michael, we have the soft and hard compound tyres here and given that it's a new track, and the hard compound is returning after Silverstone, what do you reckon in terms of tyre wear in this race?

Michael Schumacher:
Well, that's going to be an interesting subject for all of us this weekend because new asphalt and new tracks have their own nature and character, and whether the tyres fit together with this is going to be an interesting one. Pirelli took a very safe option with the hard tyre that can maybe be rather entertaining to drive this tyre, as tyre temperatures need to be in the right window in order to make use of this tyre and you have to use it at least once in the race, and the one I guess is probably spot on but with the development over the weekend, again, to anticipate and look forward to how the track may change, how to use the tyres for strategy and so on and set-up, is going to be a big challenge for all of us. Nobody knows the track, nobody knows the answer, everybody's going out there to try and find that.


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