It took Kimi Raikkonen 18 races in 2012 to win a Grand Prix after returning from his WRC sabbatical, but he's wasted no time at the start of the 2013 F1 world championship - he claimed a cool, collected and utterly irresistible win in the very first race of the year in Australia. Who was expecting that?

But if we thought that was controversial, it was nothing compared to the way that Sebastian Vettel went on to win the Malaysian GP. We reckon the consequences of that one will ripple through the rest of the season and still be felt come Brazil in November.

Those might be the headlines of the start of the new season, but lots more was happening in Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur than just who was the first to the chequered flag. Who was fastest, who was penalised, who led laps at Albert Park and who crashed into whom at Sepang are just as important to the truly discerning F1 fan such as yourselves, which is why we've assembled this little quiz to get your brains crackling with mental energy ahead of April's outings in China and Bahrain.

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Five questions apiece on the two races of the year so far, including a couple of historical ones to set the context for what we saw in March: we think it'll be quite straightforward for you if you were paying attention, and if you weren't - well, then you should at least pick up some interesting facts that you were oblivious to at the time! A win-win, we reckon.

Just CLICK HERE to go to the first question on the first quiz of the F1 season. Do try and stay away from looking up the answers in Google, Wikipedia,'s news archives and other F1 reference sources if you can; that way, you can proudly take credit for your achievements by clicking on the 'Post your comments' link below to let us know how you fared.

Ready to get underway with the first two races of 2013? Then it's Go! Go! Go! for the quiz - good luck, and have fun!