Questions from the Floor

Q: (Dan Knutson - Auto Action and National Speedsport News)
Lewis, earlier this week you talked to us about your brakes. How were they in this race, maybe the best they've been all season?

Lewis Hamilton:
No. Not really. Generally, again, very similar to other races. Still need to improve and that's where Fernando was really catching me everywhere.

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Q: (Paolo Ianieri - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Fernando, how much has yesterday's qualifying been hurting you because starting sixth getting to second was a big race. Could you have done better, do you think, if you had started on the first or second row?

Fernando Alonso:
I don't know really. I think you will never know. Qualifying is qualifying and it's better to be on pole position but I think the last pole position in dry conditions was September 2010 so it's not the strong point of the team. On Sunday, we normally pick up the pace a little bit about which we are happy because the points are gained on Sunday, but it's true that at some races, if you start too far behind, it's difficult to recover, but we will try to improve next time.

Q: (Kate Walker - GP Week)
Sebastian, you had a dominant victory today. You've won three of seven races so far this season and you're leading both Drivers' and Constructors' championships, but despite all this, you've probably been the most vocal critic of the tyres. I was wondering if you had revised your opinions on the rubber, given your performance and your continuing strength.

Sebastian Vettel:
Well, I think it's pretty simple. The criticism we had or I expressed was not based on performance. I think it was based on safety and I'm sure if you ask other drivers, maybe they weren't that strong in the press, maybe they think they have an advantage with this sort of tyre, but we had some occasions this year where the tyre suffered delaminating, the top layer came off for not exactly known reasons, probably debris but you will always have some pieces on the track. I think it's not possible to have an entirely clean track everywhere and I think that has been the criteria. Every time I complained about balance or the tyres and their behaviour, every time as I said as well that on that day there were other people doing a better job and first of all we had to get to their level to start complaining about performance but obviously when you say something, it's in fashion, these days to take what you like instead of probably publishing the whole answer.

Q: (Nicolangelo Cioppi- Cittadino Canadese)
Sebastian, what happened again on lap 52, I don't understand exactly?

Sebastian Vettel:
As I said, I was a little bit too late into the first corner, lost the rear on the way in. I could have stayed on the track but I wasn't sure. It was quite tight, obviously you have the right hander following immediately and I didn't want to risk a spin so I decided to cut and make sure. I lost four or five seconds in that corner compared to normal, so I think it was fine. It just seemed to be the safer option to avoid the spin and carry on that way. I was just a little bit too fast. That's what happens. Fortunately there was no wall so I was lucky.

Q: (Nicolangelo Cioppi- Cittadino Canadese)
Fernando, in Monte Carlo we talked to one another and you were very confident for Montreal, and you said to me 'I'm going to be on the podium.' Congratulations, and I would like you to say something to the Italian community here because there's a very very big Italian community.

Fernando Alonso:
In Monaco we were not competitive for different reasons. In a way, we were not competitive here on Saturday, maybe for the same reasons, for the conditions that we need to do a better job compared to the others. In some conditions we are not competitive enough, so we need to work on that. And then for the Italian people here in Montreal, I think they support Ferrari all the time, they enjoy F1. You see the atmosphere in this race is very very unique, not only here on the track but from the time you land at the airport, you see a very enthusiastic people about this race. You put the TV on, they are talking about the meteo for the Grand Prix. They're talking about the qualifying, the practice, the shops on the streets are full of flags, Ferrari flags etc, so it's very nice to race here. We didn't give them a win today but I think we put on a good show for everybody and hopefully we give a win for them in the next one when they are watching TV.

Q: (Carlos Miguel Gomez - La Gaceta)
Fernando, are you worried for the British Grand Prix, with your pace in qualifying because normally it's cold weather; do you believe you can be OK in Silverstone?

Fernando Alonso:
I believe so. I think it's a different circuit, completely different asphalt, generating a lot of stress in the tyre: Silverstone, Nurburgring compared with very easy tracks on tyres like Monaco, Canada where you are looking for one or two stops. Silverstone will be different, I think. We know that the temperature is not helping us at the moment, but we cannot say anything because there are other people going very fast in those conditions, so it's up to us to improve. We have some ideas and hopefully at Silverstone we can improve on that.

Q: (Bill Beacon - Canadian Press)
Sebastian, after you took the chequered flag, you sounded that you were very pleased to finally win in Montreal. Was that important to you and the team?

Sebastian Vettel:
Yeah, I think it is important to us, but not because... I wasn't desperate to win here. I think we've had strong results in the past and I wasn't ashamed coming here having not won this race, so I wasn't desperate when I got up this morning and thought 'I have to win, I have to win.' But I was very pleased because it's a very nice race. I think Lewis had the privilege to win here three times and I think that in terms of atmosphere - Fernando touched on it - the whole city enjoys the F1 Grand Prix. We have a lot of spectators. I think it was good today to have sunshine, it was quite bad in terms of weather yesterday, but there were still a lot of fans and obviously today, again, a fantastic atmosphere and to me this race belongs one hundred percent to the calendar, because I think for all of us drivers we enjoy a lot seeing grandstands completely sold out, a lot of enthusiastic people, the whole town living the Grand Prix. I think it's similar to the Grand Prix in Melbourne in a way which is also not a race track, it's in the middle of the city as well, so I think we enjoy that, and I think that's why we were very happy or we are very happy today.

Q: (Jeff Pappone - Globe and Mail)
Fernando, when do things started getting desperate? Seb seems to be gaining points at every race now and you're falling further and further behind. When do you really have to start winning?

Fernando Alonso:
I think we are eighty or eight-five points behind. It will be a very critical situation, which is more than three races. In the past - I touched on this in Australia or Malaysia - in the last six or eight years, there were people recovering from more than 30 points on the old points, which is three races so it's 75 or 80 points. So hopefully we're going to arrive to that number.

Q: (Jordan Irvine - NextGen Auto)
Lewis, Mercedes dominated second position for 63 laps of today's 70 lap race and then you lost out with seven to go to Fernando. Was there any one thing that you didn't have that meant to you lost that position with so little time left?

Lewis Hamilton:
I guess it's just grip, just lack of grip. The car was fantastic, I'm assuming those guys had even better than that. But generally it's been really good. I was just lacking a little bit of grip in the lower speed... perhaps the chicane. Fernando seemed to be particularly quick in the lower speed corners.

Q: (Massimo Lopes Pegna- La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Sebastian, how important is this win today; beside the win, how important is to gain seven points in the standings and maybe to get quicker to the critical point that Fernando was talking about?

Sebastian Vettel:
To be honest with you, I care for the win today. Obviously you don't have to be a genius to know that you get more points than anybody else for that result but as Fernando said, the championship is still long and obviously I was in a different position last year at this time and I was able to catch up quite a lot towards the end. I had very strong races. Fernando was a little bit unlucky here and there and we were able to beat him, so we were able to come back but this was ten races from where we are now so I think there are so many things that can happen at that stage of the championship, I'm happy to stand on the grid and focus on the race, trying to win, and the rest we will see later on if we are still in a strong position. I think there's enough of you reminding us if we're not, you are there as well.

Q: (Livio Oricchio - O Estado de Sao Paulo)
Lewis, OK, the last two circuits were not demanding in terms of tyre wear. It looked like Mercedes made a step forward in terms of the tyre wear, that was the weakest point you had. Can you explain this development you've made on the car, what happened exactly to make this step forward?

Lewis Hamilton:
I think it's just been a work in progress. We haven't really... we haven't cured anything, it's not been a long period of time since Barcelona where there was big trouble. I guess we've just been to two tracks where it's not got high speed corners, so therefore it's not really been a problem. We've worked on a couple of techniques to look after the tyres a bit more, brake cooling and all that kind of stuff has been added as well, which helps.

Transcript courtesy FIA