Q: (Paolo Ianieri - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Kimi, you said last year that when you left Ferrari you felt liberated. So what made you decide to go back and lose your - in brackets - freedom?

Kimi Raikkonen:
I always had freedom there also. There are a lot of stories from my past, from different teams but it's all from you guys and I don't think that you guys work in the team so you don't really know what's happening and you write a lot of stuff which can sometimes be true and sometimes not. I had a good time, like I said, and I'm sure we will have a good time together again.

Q: (Jacob Polychronis -
Kimi, some other drivers have been quite quick to already suggest that your partnership with Fernando Alonso may not work out, namely Jenson and Sebastian. Do you care to weigh in on the issue?

Kimi Raikkonen:
I don't see the reason why it wouldn't work. We are all old enough to know what we are doing and for sure the team is working for the right things to make sure. If there is something, I'm sure we can talk it through. It's not like we are 20-year old guys any more. I might be wrong, but time will tell, but I'm pretty sure everything will be good. For sure there will be hard fights on the race circuits but sometimes things go wrong... like I said, I'm pretty sure it will all be OK.

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Kimi, Mr Montezemolo said in an interview in our newspaper that he expected victories and poles from you, but also that you can help Alonso to develop the car. Are you ready to spend more time in Maranello, like Fernando, to stay there even more than in the past?

Kimi Raikkonen:
It's a pretty similar answer to before. There are a lot of stories but I think we've done pretty well in this team when we started and I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to produce a very good car for next year and keep improving it. Obviously there are new rules so it will be more challenging for all the teams but I have no worries about those things.

Q: (Luc Domenjoz - Le Matin)
Kimi, it seems that Lotus owes you a lot of money, so the question is simple: why, if the team doesn't fulfil its part of the contract, why do you respect yours and why don't you simply stay at home?

Kimi Raikkonen:
I like to race and then obviously that's the only reason why I'm here; it doesn't matter which team it is and obviously the reasons why they ask from the team but the reasons why I left from the team is purely on the money side, that they haven't got my salary so it's an unfortunate thing but like I said, I want to try and help the team as much as I can and I like to race.

Q: (Fulvio Solms - Corriere dello Sport)
Kimi, referring to your next teammate, what do you think will be possible to learn from him next year and can he learn from you?

Kimi Raikkonen:
For sure, you always learn from different teammates; everyone does different things. Maybe they do something better than you but often there are a lot of things that only suit one guy and it doesn't work if you try to do the same thing for yourself, it's not going to work. I know the team, I know the people. Like I said, I have no worries to go there and have something that wouldn't work. I don't really worry about it, I've never worked with Alonso. I obviously know him from racing but I'm sure it will be fine.

Q: (Chetan Narula - Planet F1)
Adrian, how important is it for Force India to beat McLaren, considering there is just a five point gap and quite a few races to go, also considering that extra points means extra money in the Constructors' standing, especially for a middle team going into 2014, which is a highly... the rule changes and everything for a middle team to go forward and to develop, so how important is it to beat McLaren?

Adrian Sutil:
It would be a great success, of course. We are a few points behind now and it's a very high target to complete but we showed, with a good car, it's possible also to fight against McLaren and well, what can we do, we are professionals so we want to finally actually win races which is why we're all here. That's why we never give up so at the end of the season, who knows what's going to happen? We only know that it's a big challenge to beat McLaren but it's not impossible and that's why we're pushing on. It would mean fifth position for us at the end of the year, that's two better than last year and that means much better financial backing, of course, for the next year. So you can think about it by yourself, that definitely means a better chance for us next year to compete even better.

On the flip side to that, Sergio, how important is it for you and everyone at McLaren to finish ahead of Force India this year? Is it a fight and a battle that you're taking a lot of notice of?

Sergio Perez:
Yes, of course. It's not a secret that we haven't had the year that we were hoping for so we definitely have to try and finish as high as possible in the next seven races that we have ahead of us and maximise the full potential. Last weekend in Monza, we should have got more points than we did so I think we definitely have to make sure that we bring home all the points that we can. If at the end we beat Force India, it's good for us.

Q: (Dan Knutson - Auto Action and National Speedsport News)
Nico Rosberg, at the start of the season the momentum was on your side; then it switched to Lewis. For the latter part of the season, how do you get it back onto your side? Is it just a matter of letting things unfold?

Nico Rosberg:
I've just had a few races now when it's just not gone perfectly, a string of races and that gives a little bit of a dip but I'm really confident I can turn it around and get some good races again from now on.

Q: (Abhishek Tackle - Mid-Day)
Nico Hulkenberg, last year you were linked to a Ferrari drive; this year there was actually a contract on the table before the deal with Kimi was agreed. Is there any sort of resentment that you feel towards Ferrari, especially the way that you found out that you hadn't got the drive, I think it was an SMS or something?

Nico Hulkenberg:
No, not at all to be honest. I think the relationship is as good and as positive as before. I think there has maybe been some understanding and that story has been blown up by the media. I read that too but no, I don't feel that.

Were you not contacted by text message then?

Nico Hulkenberg:

Q: (Luke Smith - NBC Sports)
Valtteri, at Singapore, traditionally, there is a high rate of attrition, lots of retirements, there's been a safety car in every race here; is this your best chance to score points this season do you think?

Valtteri Bottas:
I think so, this should be the place to get the points. Like you said, a lot of things can happen in the race and safety cars etc. Like I said before, if some of the little updates work and we can get a little more speed and be a bit closer to the top ten in pure pace, then it's always possible to get points and we need to keep pushing for that.

Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Kimi, in your choice of Ferrari, is there also a technical reason? I'm thinking about the turbo era; do you think that Ferrari building both engine and chassis could be a better chance of being a competitive car than Red Bull or Lotus next year?

Kimi Raikkonen:
Obviously I hope so. They built very good cars and engines in the past, they've won a lot of championships as a team and then you have to look on the other side at teams like Red Bull or Lotus with Renault who have done very well. It's very hard to say which way it's going to go with the new rules and who's going to have the best package. There are a lot of stories about certain engines that will be much stronger than others but there are so many different things that you have to look at and go through and make sure that it works that I have no idea which team will be strongest and which team will come out on top. We have to wait and see, really, for the first few tests.

Q: (Chetan Narula - PlanetF1)
Nico Rosberg, it's a continuation of the last question for you: for 2014, teams are looking to get the two strongest drivers to get them more points, considering it's going to be an unpredictable season. Lewis and your partnership was considered to be a very strong one, especially when Red Bull went for Daniel Ricciardo instead of Kimi. But with Kimi pairing with Alonso now, what are your thoughts on that?

Nico Rosberg:
I can just say that for us it's working well. We push each other and also through a weekend, pushing each other, stepping up our game, learning from each other so it's working really well and we get on well together. But that's just for us. For other people, I don't know, we need to wait and see.

Q: Is it vital to get on with your team-mate? Do you have to or can you still compete well on the track if you don't get on with your team-mate?

Nico Rosberg:
Well, get on, no, you don't need to get on but you need to show a certain respect, I think, otherwise it can go a bit wrong.


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