A second official protest against the 'trick' diffusers being employed at the start of the new Formula One season by pacesetters Brawn, Williams and Toyota has been thrown out by the stewards at Sepang.

The complaint was officially raised by the BMW Sauber team, but was not seen as a serious threat to the frontrunners' participation in the Malaysian Grand Prix, following the rejection of a similar protest at the season-opening grand prix in Melbourne a week ago.

The initial objection was raised by Ferrari, Red Bull and Renault in Australia and, when denied, was taken to the FIA court of appeal by a subsequent appeal against the decision. The exact same process has now been followed by BMW Sauber, whose protest was seen merely as a means of getting its name added to the list of appellants in Paris - and to ensure that, should the appeals see the stewards' decision overturned, that the race results from Sepang can be reconsidered.

The court of appeal is due to sit in Paris on 14 April, with an outcome expected before round three of the world championship, in China, later that week.

No reaction was forthcoming from the protested teams, save for a confirmation from Williams that the stewards had rejected BMW Sauber's initial objection to the diffuser designs, which are believed to provide greater downforce than the more simple creations being run by the majority of teams.