Ross Brawn has revealed that the ongoing controversy surrounding the diffusers on his race-winning cars, as well as those on the Williams and Toyota entries, might never have been had rival teams listened to suggestions he made at a technical pow-wow over a year ago.

The newest team owner in the pit-lane, who currently has a 100 per cent record thanks to back-to-back victories for Jenson Button in Australia and Malaysia, claims that he proposed a change to the 2009 rulebook that would have simplified the regulations covering various aspects of the new breed of F1 car, including the diffuser, but had had his ideas dismissed by his peers.

As a result, the Brawn team pressed ahead with its own radical diffuser design, which appears to give Button and team-mate Rubens Barrichello a distinct advantage on track - and has subsequently attracted a lot of attention from rival teams, resulting in an appeal hearing into their legality next week.

"If I'm frank, I didn't say 'look, we're going to do this diffuser if you don't accept this rule', because I'm not going to tell people what we're doing," Brawn told Reuters, "but I explained that I felt we should have a different set of rules to simplify what needs to be done.

"The rules that I put on the table would have stopped a lot of things - it would have stopped the diffuser and all those bargeboards around the front, [and] it would have cleaned the cars up. I offered them and they were rejected, so my conscience is very clear. Nobody was interested then, [but] they are very interested now."

Brawn also admitted that he has to balance his dual roles as team owner and head of FOTA's technical group in an effort to both be fair but also do his utmost to make sure his team is the best on the grid.

"I've always tried to wear two hats," he insisted, "One is what's good for Formula One, and I wear that hat for a certain period. And then, when I take that hat off, it's [a question of] what's good for my team? When we get into actually designing a car, you can't go back and say 'I've found this great new feature, I'd better stop it'..."


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