Nigel Tozzi QC, Ferrari's legal representative at the FIA Court of Appeal hearing in Paris, has insisted that there is 'no doubt' that the diffuser used by Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota during the opening two races of the Formula One season is illegal.

Speaking at the hearing in the French capital to discuss the ongoing saga, Tozzi insisted that the three teams to have used the controversial device in the opening rounds of the season had exploited a loophole in the rules to use an illegal part.

"Anyone with a command of English will tell you it is a hole, so do not let someone attempting to be clever with words defeat the express purpose of the rules," Tozzi was quoted as saying by the Press Association.

"The appeal is not because we [Ferrari] have not made the most of an opportunity, but because Brawn, Toyota and Williams have not acted within the regulations."

Tozzi also claimed that Brawn GP chief Ross Brawn, who enjoyed years of success with Ferrari, was a 'person of supreme arrogance' for thinking he was right with his team's diffuser design, while the FIA was accused of 'getting it wrong and not understanding the sport' for stating the diffuser was legal.

Renault's legal representative Andrew Ford also hit out at the 'diffuser three', arguing that the part in question was similar to one that the regie had developed early last season before it was declared illegal.

"It is not that Renault missed the boat, as Brawn have pointed out, it is because the FIA said it was illegal," he said. "It was at that point the diffuser was abandoned."

Brawn himself has already said he hopes 'common sense' will prevail during the hearing.

A verdict from Paris isn't expected until Wednesday afternoon.