Christian Horner has sent out a battle cry to Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 rivals in the wake of the energy drinks-backed outfit's breakthrough victory in the Chinese Grand Prix, warning them to 'watch out when we get our double diffuser' and suggesting that 'the sky's the limit'.

Sebastian Vettel led team-mate Mark Webber home in a resounding and supreme one-two finish for RBR in Shanghai, mastering the treacherous conditions to absolute perfection and with the questionable reliability from earlier in the weekend seemingly having been vanquished. To drive home their superiority, both drivers also overtook the hitherto untouchable Brawn GP of world championship leader Jenson Button on the race track. It was, acknowledged team principal Horner, the perfect day.

"It's fantastic!" he enthused. "It's a brilliant team result - brilliantly executed by a good strategy and two fantastic drives today from both Sebastian and Mark - and a great result for Red Bull. Their commitment to motorsport has been huge, and it's testimony to all the effort and hard work that Red Bull and Mr Mateschitz have committed to Formula 1. I want to thank Red Bull, and everyone in Milton Keynes who has worked so hard for this. It's just an unbelievable result. The whole team and company can be very proud of this moment."

Horner revealed that had the race been dry as had initially been predicted, then Vettel and Webber would have been 'racing the stopwatch' on a three-stop strategy to Brawn's two - but the heavens opening, as had been the case in Sepang a fortnight earlier, wound up favouring the team rather more. Though he insisted the atmosphere was 'actually very calm', the Englishman did concede that there had been the odd 'heart-in-the-mouth' moment along the way.

"If it had been dry it would have been a race really against the stopwatch for us," he explained. "We were going to go for a three-stop strategy with a really aggressive first stint, and we thought we could beat them (Brawn) to the last pit-stop - we thought we had the pace. We saw in Q2 yesterday that we were competitive with them, so we decided to roll the dice and have a real go at it, and it paid off for us in both conditions.

"We knew we had a good car in the wet as we could see in the last race in Malaysia, but we were getting a bit stressed with how long the pace car was out there for. Our guys were calling on the radio to say that the track was in good condition, but then they just got their heads down and went for it. It used to be stressful when DC (David Coulthard) was driving for us, but that was nothing like it was today!

"We had a clear strategy of looking to close down the race at the earliest possible opportunity, and then Sebastian went and put all of our hearts in our mouths when he decided to overtake Jenson whilst knowing he (Button) still had a stop to go, but they were both very confident in the car and they had great pace and good balance, and the strategy worked very well for us today.

"With ten laps to go you start to think about the finish. We'd had a couple of reliability worries in free practice, and then you start looking at all the data and that, but the guys did a brilliant job on the pit wall and in the pit-stops, and supported back from the UK in Milton Keynes it was a fantastic team effort."

That much is indisputable, and as Red Bull now looks ahead to the forthcoming grands prix, its rivals know they need to be very concerned indeed. The Adrian Newey-penned RB5 is already one of - if not the - quickest cars on the 2009 grid, and it isn't equipped with a 'double-decker' diffuser yet. When it is, Horner predicts, expect to see Vettel and Webber really fly.

"The car has been very good in the high-speed corners," the 35-year-old contended. "It's got a great aero package, and we made the decision to release the car very late - it's only just over two-months-old. I think that decision has been justified in the performance that we've seen so far, and we've got more development steps to come.

"Adrian stayed at home this weekend, because he's working on the next upgrade for us, and with clarity in the regulations we know that there's more performance from the floor that we can see. The first couple of races were frustrating not to get a podium, but we're now firmly on the scoreboard and can look forward to a really competitive year. We've got a great car, a great team and great drivers, so we're looking good - and imagine when we get our double diffuser..."

It is fighting talk indeed, and the result also clearly brought a great deal of satisfaction to former RBR ace turned BBC F1 commentator Coulthard, who affirmed that after 75 starts at the highest level, Red Bull's glory had been more than worth the wait.

"It's been a tremendous team effort," underlined the Scot. "Christian and I obviously paired up four years ago when Red Bull started their own racing team. There have been a lot of difficult steps over that period of time which I've lived with the team all the way through, and I'm absolutely delighted. Congratulations to Christian and to the whole team. There will have been a lot of happy people back in Milton Keynes today as they watched that race unfold. Second and first place - you can't get any better than that."

"What a result!" agreed engine-supplier Renault's principal track support engineer Fabrice Lom. "We have a magic pair of drivers - Sebastian and Mark are very strong, very cool and it's a pleasure to work with them. On behalf of all the Renault team, I would like to say that we are very proud to work with them both and to be part of this Red Bull F1 adventure. I would also like to thank all the guys back at the factories in Milton Keynes, Viry and Mecachrome."


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