Mark Webber - 8th:
"That wasn't too bad, we knew it was going to be very tight, but we have a reasonable strategy for tomorrow. There are some different ideas going round about what tyres everyone will start the race on, as the hard and soft tyres have different characteristics in race conditions. I'm reasonably happy with what I did today, maybe we could have done a different strategy in Q3 - it was my idea to do one run, but maybe we should have done two"

Sebastian Vettel - 4th:
"As I came out of Rascasse, Nakajima was almost stopped on the circuit and, you know, if you want to get everything right here in qualifying you have to have a clear lap. That wasn't the case on the last half of my lap when I was stuck in traffic - when that happens you lose downforce and start to slide, so it's anything but qualifying! It was a shame today as the car was good and we could have done better - but there are 78 laps to go, so let's see what happens tomorrow."

Christian Horner - team principal:
"A frustrating final Q3, when unfortunately Nakajima cost Sebastian some time - he seemed extraordinarily slow despite Sebastian giving him plenty of room before starting his final lap. Mark managed to save a set of tyres with a very good time in Q2, but in Q3 he was unfortunately at the wrong end of a tenth of a second, but we believe we have a good strategy for tomorrow."

Fabrice Lom - Renault, Principal Engineer Track Support:
"It's a bit of a frustrating result - fourth and eighth is not what we expected coming here. It's a bit far from the front row where we know we need to be in Monaco so the start will be difficult. But, let's see tomorrow - it will be a tough day and let's hope it will be better than our qualifying today."


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