The promotional push behind this year's second Singapore Grand Prix has received help from an unexpected source that has added movie-quality imagery to pre-race advertising.

Race promoter Singapore GP Pte Ltd has engaged The Cimarron Group, one of Hollywood's largest and most successful entertainment marketing agencies, to produce the event's official television commercial, adding a touch of glitz and glamour to the 30-second piece that made its debut across the Far East region on Sunday [24 May], during ESPN Star Sports coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The collaboration with Cimarron was made possible by the recent opening of Cimarron Group Asia in Singapore, the international headquarters of the Los Angeles-based Group. Based on this year's tagline 'Nothing Else Comes Close', the commercial showcases Singapore's largest and glitziest sporting event in a visual style normally reserved for a major motion picture.

"The Cimarron Group was chosen because they have the expertise to translate action and adrenaline onto the screen," event media and communications director Jonathan Hallett explained, "The creative team really understood the event and injected their signature Hollywood-style feel, successfully communicating the race experience in a slick 30-second commercial."

Cimarron counts big names such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios Hollywood and Twentieth Century Fox among its clients, with recent work including trailers for 'blockbusters' Gran Torino, Twilight and animated feature Monsters vs. Aliens.

"Cimarron Group Asia is proud to work with Singapore GP to promote the 2009 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix," MD Senn Moses commented, "With our Hollywood roots, we are fortunate to have grown up in the entertainment capital of the world and, as a result, we possess a unique perspective on creating buzz for events. In the light of this, we were extremely happy to accept the challenge of profiling the Singapore Grand Prix before an international audience."

Due to copyright issues, it is not possible to download the footage outside the Asia region, but the commercial can be viewed HERE.