Sebastian Vettel has insisted that he is now targeting a second 'home' win as he attempts to reel in Jenson Button's 25-point world championship lead, but admits that he is not taking Red Bull's Silverstone advantage for granted.

Having taken a win on home soil - physically at least - for the Milton Keynes-based team, Vettel and the F1 circus moves on to the Nurburgring in three weekends' time seeking to maintain the momentum of the 15-second triumph that saw him add to his victory in China and close in on the championship leader.

The German is the only driver aside from Button to have won this year, but scythed seven points from his deficit to the Briton after Brawn struggled to keep pace with Red Bull at Silverstone. Rubens Barrichello may have kept up the team's podium record, but Button could only manage sixth on a day where he complained of having very little grip, and much has been made of the tide turning in the title race.

Vettel, however, is cautious about embracing that concept, preferring instead to focus on each day, and race, as it comes.

"I think Jenson was very strong in all eight races we've had so far and he totally deserves to be in this position," he said of the Briton's still-sizeable advantage, "Looking at the championship, he obviously has quite a comfortable lead, but we're trying to do our best and I think the only thing that makes sense is to use every single opportunity we have.

"As I said before, we're working very, very hard, the team is very determined and we know where we want to be. We want to win, [and] I think that's the only way to turn it around. For sure, it won't be easy but we are totally up for the fight. The season is still very long, anything can happen - and you never know what is going to happen.

"I think the only thing it takes is, towards the end of the season, to collect more points and then, at the end, sum it up and whoever has scored more becomes champion. That's all it takes. Of course, there's hard work behind it, and every single team is pushing hard.

"I'm not really a fan of all these psychological tricks, mindset and so on. Yes, it happens in sports, in motor racing and I think that's human, but all I try to do is to squeeze the car out every single time, every single lap, and to do the best I can. Of course, sometimes you might have to attack more than is probably good for you, and you might risk a lot and sometimes lose it but, as I said, in the end, you have to use every single day you have and the one who is most consistent and has done the best job fully deserves to win in the end. It might be a one point advantage or a fifty points' advantage to the guy behind."

Just because he cruised to a seemingly perfect victory in Britain, however, Vettel acknowledged that everything fell into place at the weekend, and things may be very different next time around.

"I think the fact that we're very competitive this weekend is down to a lot of factors," he confirmed, "First of all, I think we have made a step forward, but the car was brilliant here and this circuit suits us. On top of that, I think the conditions were right for us, we had no issues with the tyres, so everything was working and it was very close to being perfect - which is very, very difficult to achieve, but should always be the target.

"I'm looking forward to [the Nurburgring] - it's my home race and I hope to continue and try to repeat what we did here. It won't be easy but, for sure, that's what we're aiming for. In the end, you can't really foresee what's going to happen but I can assure you we will try very, very hard to improve, even from where we are now and try to collect more points than all our competitors."