Mark Webber has made the point that he is still very much in the F1 world title fight, despite the post-race hype at Silverstone focusing on Red Bull Racing team-mate Sebastian Vettel's pursuit of Jenson Button over the second half of the season.

The Australian admitted that his chances of winning the British Grand Prix had largely evaporated when he was only able to secure the third fastest time in Saturday's qualifying session, but insisted that, just because Vettel had been the man of the moment, it did not mean that he was no longer a factor in the championship race.

"I'm out there and, yeah, I'm very happy with my performances so far this year," he claimed, having remained just 3.5 points behind his much-vaunted team-mate after their 1-2 result, "I'm getting some pretty good results, and I've had very consistent Sunday afternoons.

"We know that Saturday is crucial in terms of how tight it is between the four of us, and especially in the last few events, but I'm still very confident that I can haul some good points in the future. Whether it's enough to be consistently ahead of these guys remains to be seen, but it doesn't take much to turn things round, so I'm looking forward to N?rburgring and then Budapest. There are some good races coming up which will test us again but, yeah, I'm looking forward to it."

As well as being unable to match Vettel in the opening stages of the race while he was bottled up behind Rubens Barrichello, Webber also reported minor problems with his RB5, although he denied that they had been enough to cost him a shot at victory.

"I had to use a different rev profile for the lap, so we needed to use different gears in different corners, but it wasn't a gearbox problem," he explained, "It's always a new challenge for the driver to work out exactly what the engineers want you to do - and then they said 'don't do that too long because now the engine's getting another problem,' so we had a few little things bubbling away. I'm sure I'll find out a bit more about it later, but it was a case of me getting the car home, [although] it didn't really affect [the result]."

Instead, Webber - a renowned single lap expert - preferred to focus on the disappointment of qualifying, when he was held up by Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen during his final flying lap and could only take third on the grid, with Barrichello between himself and Vettel.

"Rubens is quite experienced and I knew that he was doing the best he could," he mused, "It's very hard to get close at Silverstone, so it was a question of me saving fuel and just making sure I jumped him at the first stop. Obviously, it was disappointing to see Sebastian disappearing because I knew how important that situation in qualifying was which happened to me, but I don't think I could have got much more out of today.

"I said before the race [that] the first race was with Rubens and, if that [ends] quite quickly, then maybe I can have a race with Sebastian. If my first stint was behind Rubens, then Sebastian was going to have a boring race, and that turned out to be the case. He had quite a straightforward afternoon and so did I in the end. There was no way, ever, given how close we are, that I was ever going to close 20 seconds in two stints - it was never going to happen.

"I'm actually happy with what I got out of today. Sebastian deserves to win today, so we'll take it to another day. I'm looking forward to my day when I can jump into the seat next to me [in the press conference]."


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