Despite having been soundly beaten by Red Bull Racing, Rubens Barrichello has admitted that the British Grand Prix will prove to be 'a turnaround' in his personal fortunes for the rest of the F1 season.

The Brazilian had the beating of Brawn GP team-mate - and current points leader - Jenson Button all weekend, but had to give best to Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, despite splitting them in qualifying, eventually finishing on the bottom step of the podium for the second year running. However, while others are now predicting that RBR will be the team to beat in the second half of the season, Barrichello remains confident that Brawn - and his side of the garage especially - can retain the potential shown in the first eight races, particularly if conditions are more favourable than they were at Silverstone, which was cooler than of late.

"We knew from [qualifying] the car that [Red Bull] had, so it was going to be a difficult one," he said of the race, "It was close actually... when I came around the first corner and [Webber] was exiting the pits, I needed only a little bit to stay in front but, when he was in front, he disappeared and there was nothing I could do.

"We haven't all of a sudden lost performance, we just think it's to do with a little bit of the weather. The car is balanced, but we lack grip. We were hoping that the weather could get a little hotter, but it never did, so it was a struggle.

"To make things worse, I think it was probably a tough choice to go on the harder tyres right in the middle. There was very little between the tyres all through the weekend but, in the race, I think the softer tyres performed better, so to have a long stint on the harder tyre was a tough call."

With that in mind, the Brazilian is not making any predictions for the next round, in Germany, where the weather can be even more unpredictable.

"N?rburgring can be snowing, or it can be deadly hot, so it's a very difficult place to see what's going to happen," he pointed out, "It's three weeks away, [so] we have a chance there that it could be hotter or anything, but we need to work on [tyre temperature]. We had that situation before, in Shanghai, and the Red Bulls were quite strong, and I believe that that's the situation right now.

"But the cars are very similar. If you take Istanbul, in qualifying, for example, there was 1.4secs between the whole grid. If you have the car adjusted to one particular track, you're going to have something happening quite quickly. Plus, I think F1 is now developing so fast and we have new parts for the car at every race. Everyone is doing that, so you're going to see teams coming from the back, for sure."

Despite the natural focus on Red Bull, however, Barrichello admits that his target is still his team-mate, having trimmed the gap between them to 23 points after Silverstone.

"I'm happy because I took some points out of Jenson," he insisted, "He has been quite strong in every race this year - let's say he birdied the first holes, and I hope he bogeys the next ones and I can birdie. It's pretty much like that. I hope that this is a turnaround here.

"He was on a roll. It's almost as if everything was opening right up in front of him and he used that very well. There's nothing to say against that. We are sportsmen and, if you can make that into a turnaround and work for yourself with the energy and try to get everything [going] for you, you're doing very well.

"But I think Jenson is quite mature already, so he's going to be strong. It's not that I think that, with one sixth place, he can f*ck it up - I think everything that we're going to conquer towards the end of the season, we're going to conquer, he's not going to give us any opportunity. But that's nice and I think it's a good challenge."