British Grand Prix winner Sebastian Vettel dipped his toe into the murky waters of the FIA-FOTA row over the future of Formula One by insisting that all the drivers wanted was to race each other at the pinnacle of international motorsport.

Speaking minutes after taking the chequered flag at Silverstone, the German admitted that he did not want to comment too much on the situation as he wasn't to close to the discussions, but clearly had a view on the preferable outcome.

"I think it's quite complex and, to really have an opinion, you have to have enough knowledge and, to have enough knowledge, you have to be one of the people who are able to know what is really going on - and I have to admit that I don't really care that much what's happening," he reasoned.

"All I care about is what happens to my car and what is happening to me at the track. I think we are all of the same opinion in a way. The last thing we want is to have too much holiday. We all love racing, I think that's the reason why we are here, and we want to continue fighting against each other and find out, every single weekend and every single year, who is the best one.

When the drivers were invited to attend one of the many recent FOTA meetings at the Turkish Grand Prix, it appeared that the stars of the sport were aligning themselves with the threat to breakaway from the existing F1 set-up, but Vettel insists that all they want is a resolution, one way or the other, in order to continue plying their trade.

"We're all in the same boat, all the drivers," he claimed, "Everything we want - and, in the end, the only thing we want - is to race against each other. We want to compete with the best cars in the world, against the best drivers. I think that has been the attraction of F1 and that's why F1 is the peak of motor sport.

"When it comes to all these politics, I know there's a lot going on, [and] maybe you can say I should be more concerned, but all I'm worried about now is what happens to me in the sport. I think that, as a professional sportsman, you should always have your focus on what really matters and, if you ask me what matters, the only thing that matters right now is what we do with the car at the track. I think that is the most important thing."


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