Bridgestone has revealed that it is to go against its announced policy of leaving a gap of one compound between its tyre choices for Formula One events for the four grands prix through August and September.

The same decision was taken for Monaco on the grounds that the street circuit required the use of both the softest options in the company's range, but was not expected to be used again after the greater difference between tyres at other rounds had provided a means of performance differentiation. However, the four races from Hungary to Monza will all see consecutive compounds in action.

"We have made the change to the tyre allocation concept based on the data we have collected from races so far this year, combined with our knowledge of the tracks we visit for these races," director of motorsport tyre development Hirohide Hamashima explained, "The cars of 2009 are very different to those used last year, so we have learnt a lot so far this year, and they do use their tyres differently from before."

The Hungaroring has often been compared to Monaco because of its sinuous nature, and will now receive the same tyre options as the Principality, despite the likelihood of hot weather in Budapest. The same two softest compounds will also be pressed into action for the second running of the European Grand Prix around Valencia's port area, before Bridgestone takes the soft and medium options to both Belgium and Italy.

"Hungary is a circuit where the characteristics demand our softest tyres," Hamashima continued, "This is also true for street courses, and we used the softest allocation earlier in the year at Monaco, and will again in Valencia.

"In Spa, the weather temperatures can be quite cool, so the hard compound could have caused difficulties, and the super soft would have been too soft, so that means the allocation of medium and soft is obvious. In Monza, the hard compound would have given too big a difference between it and the soft, so we will bring the soft and the medium."


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