Nigel Mansell, the 1992 F1 World Champion, is to appear on track to complete demonstration laps during the British rounds of the World Series by Renault at Silverstone this Sunday.

Mansell will take to the track at the wheel of the Ultimate Motorsport Dallara as campaigned by son Greg this season, with the 55-year-old having his first taste of World Series machinery during a brief run in the car following Friday practice at the venue where he secured three British Grand Prix victories - including during his title winning season.

"I have to thank Greg for allowing me to get in his car because he was very concerned with me driving his car before qualifying and you all here can all be my witness that the car is okay; no spins, no nothing, so thank you car!" he said. "Also thank you to Renault for giving me a few laps experience so when I drive on Sunday I know what to expect during the demonstration.

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"For me it was a wonderful experience; the Renault power is always nice to feel; winning with Renault in '92 as world champion was something special. To be reacquainted with an open wheeler which is close to Formula One was very nice; there is a very good feeling to the car and it was a great experience. It was a little bit tight in the car and the biggest problem I had on the first lap was I frightened myself going into Becketts because I went to brake and as I normally do, I put my foot over and as I pushed the pedal I accelerated because I used my right foot and not my left. Fortunately I was going slowly enough to stop but to get used to left foot braking and a number of things in the car is a good challenge and I'm pleased it has been perfect.

"The feeling I always remember is qualifying with over 1000 horsepower, so when you have over 1000 horsepower and you come back to this it is a different feeling but the car is magnificent. I think the World Series is one of the best series in racing because the car is very good and the driver has to push the car."

Mansell is due on track in front of what is expected to be a bumper crowd at around 4.25pm once both World Series races have been completed.