In contrast to his suggestion that only Brawn GP could cost Jenson Button the chance of landing the F1 world championship this season, Mark Webber appeared more bullish about his, and Red Bull Racing's, chances of claiming both crowns on offer.

After cruising to his first F1 race win at the head of the third Red Bull 1-2 of the season, the Australian admitted that no-one at RBR's Milton Keynes base was writing off their chances. While he and team-mate Sebastian Vettel now lie 22.5 and 21 points off Button respectively, having moved ahead of the Briton's team-mate Rubens Barrichello in the standings, Red Bull took another large bite into Brawn's constructors' series advantage to narrow that gap to just 19.5 points with eight races remaining in the campaign.

"Both [titles] are still up for grabs, there is no question about it," an ebullient Webber admitted, "The work that has gone on at Milton Keynes underneath Adrian Newey and all the guys there... they have produced a special car, no doubt about it

"Brawn are leading the constructors' because they deserve to be, and they have got a lot of points, but we are not giving up. Sebastian and I are on the top of our game and pushing as best as we can to be as consistent as possible at all venues. Renault are giving us fantastic engines, and the team are gelling incredibly well. The big problem at our factory at the moment is building a trophy cabinet, but it is a very good problem for us to have.

"It is hard work they we are putting in, but it is paying off. It is very good for us. We love fighting against teams like Ferrari and McLaren as this is what F1 is all about, but for Red Bull to take the fight to these big guys is a real credit to us. They will be back for sure, but it is a special time for our team."

The unspoken concern lingering over the Red Bull team, however, is the fact that both Webber and Vettel are 'on top of our game', meaning that the team is unable to favour one over the other in the pursuit of Button and potentially limiting the chances of wrestling the titles from Brawn's grasp. Webber, however, remains unconcerned, no doubt buoyed by the fact that he was able to respond to Vettel's crushing Silverstone win in similar fashion at the Nurburgring.

"It's a good problem for us to have," he insisted, "We probably never envisaged the season that we're having. We knew the car was going to be good, but it's in some cases quite rare that two drivers are performing quite closely and getting very similar points.

"It could have been different for Sebastian today - it's very difficult to call how the races are going to be. Strategy is always playing a little bit of a role here and there so, if you put all your eggs in one basket, I think it might help - but you can do that for two or three races and then that guy might have two DNFs and the guy that you took points off before is in a slightly worse position. We're just taking the fight as hard as we can to Brawn.

"Either of us can have DNFs from mechanical problems or anything so, at the end of the day, we've got a lot of points to go and that will be a decision for the team later on. We're getting on well, we drive the car on the limit, we love getting the most out of it, our team is brilliantly strong inside and we love fighting at the front - it's a team championship, a team sport, at the moment.

"Maybe, in the end, at the last three or four or five races, it will turn to one of us if we have a chance to fight Jenson but... The last two races have been interesting for them, so let's see how we go in the hot races - maybe it's a bit more difficult for us."