Despite being beaten into third place in Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix, F1 championship challenger Mark Webber insists that he - and the Red Bull team - are happy to see both McLaren and Ferrari in the hunt for podium finishes.

Whether the Hungaroring proves to be something of a mirage for F1's two biggest names remains to be seen, but neither eventual winner Lewis Hamilton or runner-up Kimi Raikkonen had to worry about Webber once they has disposed of the Red Bull driver in the first part of the race.

Hamilton, having been rebuffed by the Australian into turn one on the opening lap, replied by passing him around the outside of turn two three laps later, while Raikkonen capitalised on a rare slip-up in RBR's pit-stop routine to snatch what would become second spot. Webber, however, was grateful to secure a healthy dose of points on another day when title rival Jenson Button's Brawn GP team struggled with its tyres - and RBR team-mate Sebastian Vettel suffered a suspension problem and retired.

"If we win and make it very, very boring, it's great for us but, in the end, to be honest, I think it was a good day for the sport," Webber, who moved into second in the championship, revealed, "Lewis is back and Ferrari are back and that's what Red Bull likes - we love racing these guys and fighting hard against them.

"We knew they would come back. I think we expected to be a little bit quicker after our running on Friday but, to be honest, we knew these guys would be around us. It was a pretty difficult venue for us, and we knew that we didn't have the advantage, maybe, that we had in the last few events. All in all, I am pretty happy to get the result we did."

Webber admitted that he could have possibly have challenged for second place had he not made a conservative call on tyres, but acknowledged that he was now in a title fight and could not afford to take too many risks.

"In the first stint, I wasn't really worried about Fernando [Alonso], because we knew how short he was, but I was very, very concerned about my tyres," he confirmed, "It started off well, and then, in the middle of the stint, I was trying to nurse them, making sure that I didn't lose too much time. I think we had a better chance to fight Kimi if maybe I'd chosen a different tyre, but that was my call. I was worried about how long the length of the stint was, and it was quite difficult to know which tyre to put on."

Similarly, the Australian admitted that he did not choose to give Hamilton too much opposition when challenged by the world champion on lap four.

"With the head wind and KERS, the slipstream was working very well," he revealed, "We could have fought a lot harder and risked a bit more, but there was no real point. I thought of not letting him go, but Lewis was pretty quick. I thought that he wasn't going to hold me up at all, so that was, in a way, a bit of a relief. And Lewis thoroughly deserved to win. McLaren did a great job today."

Having had Hamilton, Raikkonen and the second KERS-equipped McLaren of Heikki Kovalainen close behind him on the grid, Webber admitted that he had feared a tougher race, adding to his satisfaction at taking another podium finish.

"The KERS is a big part of the first lap and the first stint, to be honest, and I was very, very happy to survive the first lap in second place," he noted, "I expected to go further back. KERS is going to play a bit of a role in the closing part of the championship but, thankfully, we capitalised in the early part of the season, when these guys were struggling in terms of points. That was a big benefit to us.

"We still have a lot of positives. We are still up here. We haven't been blown away by any means. We are in the hunt and we can take our car to a lot of venues and be competitive, so our guys and Renault have a lot to be proud of."

Despite moving ahead of his team-mate for the first time since Vettel headed an RBR 1-2 in China in April, however, Webber played down calls for the team to get behind him in the pursuit of Button - just as he had when Vettel held the upper hand and appeared to be the Briton's closest challenger.

"I think it is still a bit early [to be siding with one driver]," he insisted, "I think we can still fight the Brawns with Sebastian and I. We know there was a bit of a blip for them in the last three races - and we hope that continues and we can continue to take points out of them together - but we have got these guys up here as well, and it is mixing things up a bit more.

"Sebastian had a bit of a tough weekend this weekend. Qualifying went well but, obviously, he has lost some points for the first time in a long time. But he will be back and, after the break, we can recharge and take the fight [to Brawn] again."


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