While fans will have been glad to hear Felipe Massa discuss the events of last weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix in person, rather than have to make do with quotes from doctors, family and sources at Ferrari, the Brazilian's first interview only confirmed what was already known.

Speaking exclusively to the official Ferrari website before leaving Budapest's AEK Hospital on Monday, the Brazilian admitted that he could recall little of the events of qualifying, where he suffered head injuries as a result of colliding with a spring shed by countryman Rubens Barrichello's Brawn GP machine, but revealed that he was looking forward to a period of recuperation that would allow him to get back to full mental and physical fitness.

"It is sort of a strange feeling," he confessed, "I know exactly what happened, that a spring came off Rubens' car and hit me on the helmet, [and] I know that something happened to me, but I didn't feel anything when it happened.

"They told me that I lost consciousness at the moment of the spring's impact on my helmet, that I ran into the barriers, and then I woke up in hospital two days later. But I don't remember anything and that's why what the doctors did had to be explained to me.

"When I saw [race engineer] Rob [Smedley], he asked me if I remembered Rubens, but the last thing I remembered was when I was behind him at the end of my fast lap in Q2 - and then it's blank. It's difficult to explain, but I'm feeling much better now and I want to recover as soon as possible to get back behind the wheel of a Ferrari."

Massa left Budapest on a private jet bound for Sao Paulo in the company of wife Raffaela and personal doctor Dino Altmann. The rest of his family left for Brazil over the weekend and will be waiting to help him recover.

"I'm looking forward to coming back to my home, checking that everything is as it was before," Massa admitted, "Many things have happened over the last days and I want to get back to a normal life. I want to get back into the best possible condition, doing things you do every day."

Thanking God, the staff at AEK, his family and his Ferrari team, Massa repeated that he was also looking forward to the day he could climb back aboard one of the Prancing Horse's F1 machines. In the meantime, however, he will be content to watch 'stand-in' Michael Schumacher partnering Kimi Raikkonen.

"Michael doesn't need my advice - it was him who gave me many tips during my career when we were racing together," the Brazilian smiled, "He knows how to win, he knows how to drive and he's great - it was the best choice handing over the car to such a fantastic person, and I'm sure that everybody will be happy to see him back on the track again."