Bernie Ecclestone has said he saw no logic to the plans by FOTA earlier this season to launch a breakway series to rival F1.

While the threat of a rival series has now passed with the signing of an extended Concorde Agreement, the proposed breakaway had threatened to tear the sport apart - with FOTA insisting it would go it alone rather than re-sign with Ecclestone and the FIA following disagreements over how the sport was run.

Reflecting on the situation in an interview with Singapore's Today newspaper, Ecclestone admitted there was no logic to the proposed plans and said the team's had simply got carried away in their battle with the governing body.

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"This business is built now and it is easier to do what we are doing rather than start something again," he said. "I wouldn't want to start a series in opposition to Formula 1, for sure.

"There is no real reason for it, there is no logic in it. Just as I said to people, those who wanted to break away must have been carried away. The trouble is they are more the corporate types. This isn't a corporate business, it is an entrepreneur business."

Ecclestone did admit however that had the plans gone through, he would have walked away from the sport.

"There wouldn't be any point in staying if it collapses, would it?" he said. "I probably think it's not worth the effort rebuilding it.

"I've got enough energy to do many, many other things and that is what I would be doing."