Sebastian Vettel insists he hasn't given up on fighting for the 2009 F1 title despite the tough weekend he endured in Valencia.

The Red Bull Racing driver suffered not one, but two, Renault engine failures during the European Grand Prix weekend and now faces the prospect of competing in the final six events of the season with just two engines.

Should the German be forced to use more than two engines, he would be forced to take a grid penalty and he admitted that it would affect how he approaches the remainder of the season.

"Last weekend having two failures within two days was not a good thing," he told the press ahead of this weekend's race at Spa. "Surely it affects the programme for the rest of the season. The last thing we want is to take a penalty, so the question now is what can we do. We are considering now all our options and possibly this means less running for myself on a Friday, so less practice which for sure is not an advantage.

"At the end of the day do you want to take a grid penalty, yes or no, and I think you know maybe it is better to have a bit of time off and take some coffee in the break rather than starting ten places back at some race, so we will see but for sure from now onwards we cannot have any mistakes or failures again. That's for sure. "

Despite the double failure, which leaves him in fourth place in the championship standings, Vettel insisted he hasn't given up on securing the drivers' title this season although he concedes that - with his engine issues and a 25 point deficit to Jenson Button - that it will be far from easy to lift a first F1 crown.

"I think it is still possible," he said. "I am not giving up, definitely not. For sure 25 points is not easy but we have seen how quickly things can change. Also I think one thing that extremely helps is that Jenson has not been very consistent the last races. He hasn't scored a lot of points. I don't know what was wrong but in the end it helps us.

"We should have been scoring some points the last few races, we did not, so that doesn't help but for the future it still remains open. We will push and we will fight. We are in the hunting position, so we will have to score big points."