Kazuki Nakajima - 15th:

"It was a difficult day for us. The balance of the car was not too bad but we just need to find some more performance from the car from the other aspects we can change."

Nico Rosberg - 19th:

"It was not a good day today. The car was a long way from the pace and with the weather this morning, we only had one session to try and make a difference, which was not enough given how far behind we were. We made some big changes and we got some answers back, but we need to have a think tonight and try to find a solution."

Sam Michael - technical director:

"The weather was mixed this morning, so it was a little difficult to see where everybody was. What the rain in the morning did mean was the afternoon was compressed in terms of getting all of our work done. The running we have done shows we are not in our normal competitive position. However, we have tested lots of things today and we have got some direction, so we will look into this tonight and do all we can to take a big step tomorrow."