Toyota's Jarno Trulli has said that he will be gunning for victory in the Belgian Grand Prix, after putting his car on the front row of the grid for the twelfth round in the 2009 FIA F1 World Championship.

Trulli has been on the pace throughout the build-up to race day and the Italian is now keen to make the most of it and give the Cologne-based operation its very first victory at the pinnacle of the sport.

Indeed he added that a podium - something he has already managed twice this season, albeit at the start of the year in Australia and Bahrain, when he finished third on both occasions - won't be good enough for the 'big' bosses back in Japan.

"I will just go out and try to do my best. I know that we can win the race and I will really be pushing very, very hard because we need this win, the team needs it. A podium won't be enough, especially to make the Japanese happy," Trulli confirmed.

"They want to win and I want to give them a win and this is all I'm thinking about, so I will try really hard."

Toyota's form has been incredibly fickle this season and while Trulli has notched up 22.5 points, and is eighth in the drivers' championship, the Italian - and his team-mate, Timo Glock - have struggled at times with the TF109, and only last weekend Trulli failed to even make it out of Q1 and started 18th in Valencia.

So what's happened?

"It is a good question which none of us can answer at the moment, especially when things go wrong," Trulli continued. "It's a mystery. We haven't done anything on the car compared to the last few races and suddenly here we are extremely competitive.

"We've been competitive all the way through while we've been setting up the car and it's great, it's great for the engineers, for the team and all my mechanics in the team because we're going through a difficult moment because we don't understand why sometimes we struggle so much and sometimes we are so quick like today.

"So it's a very good day, I'm very confident for tomorrow because I've been running most of the weekend on heavy fuel, so being second in qualifying with a good fuel load, I think I'm going to have a good race."

Pressed on if the new wings have made any difference, Trulli explained that it is not a major update.

"We did not really get any special update here, just the downforce and the wing level for this kind of circuit," he added. "We took a lot of wing off yesterday and spent most of the time basically balancing the car between the high-speed section and the mid-speed section which normally requires more downforce. The car has been more or less competitive.

"We made a little change on the car set-up this morning which went in the right direction for better handling and better traction and it is looking pretty good for tomorrow. I am very, very happy."

Asked if a strong result could be just what the team needs in light of question marks over the future of Toyota's involvement in F1, Trulli noted that it certainly wouldn't go amiss.

"Well, regarding the situation with the team, obviously a win or a good result will definitely help everyone, everyone in the team for a decision for next year," he summed-up.

"So far I'm not aware of what's going on with Toyota though. But for sure they are keen to stay if they can win races and they can be competitive.

"However as you all know, it's a deciding moment because with the economic situation they cannot take any decision on the future budget. We definitely need a good result. I stand by all my mechanics and engineers working in the team. They also need a job for next year, so I will go for it."


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