Despite continuing speculation to the contrary, the latest American entrant determined to succeed in Formula One is well on course to achieve its first ambition, according to one of its co-founders.

While naysayers insist that some - or none - of the three new teams 'promoted' to the F1 ranks for 2010 will actually be on the grid when the season kicks off in Bahrain, Team US F1's Peter Windsor claims that his operation has cleared the latest major hurdle in its path and has its sights firmly set on getting its first car on display, ahead of the planned January track debut.

While not expected - nor able - to test the machine until the New Year, Windsor told the official F1 website that the design and build process is continuing as planned, with a full-on trip to the Windshear wind tunnel near its Carolina base expected in the next few weeks.

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"All the politics that happened this year have delayed us in some respects, but not in the critical respect of the car," Windsor, who formed Team US F1 with former F1 and CART designer Ken Anderson, "We've been working on the design and the construction of the car since the start of the year, so that hasn't been delayed at all. We are right on schedule for that.

"As Ken said a couple of weeks ago, we should soon have what Americans call a 'roller' - not a complete car, but the chassis, with the suspension and gearbox in place - ready to do some full-scale aero tests. Then we are ready for the final bodywork around October and, like with everybody else, our car will be ready for the first test in January. There is no other deadline we have to meet."

Windsor admitted that finally being able to confirm YouTube founder Chad Hurley as the team's first major investor had heralded a significant step forward in the programme, although there is some catching up to do in other areas, with drivers and other backers still to be confirmed.

"If you are a new team and you don't have in place existing cars, drivers, factories and everything else, it is very hard," he admitted, "When you are a start-up operation, it is very important - from a marketing point of view - to get all the hardware in place as quickly as possible. Due to all the politics, we've slipped a bit on time and now we are making up for that and working very hard on the marketing side of the company.

"The first phase of that was the announcement of our involvement with Chad Hurley. From there, we will be 'all hands on deck' and marketing the team as what we are: an American team with a franchise in F1 on a global platform in the best sport in the world."

Despite Hurley coming on board to 'provide visionary guidance and corporate strategy expertise', and not necessarily bring YouTube branding to the programme - the video-sharing site having been sold to Google for $1.65bn in 2006 - Windsor is confident that the partnership will be a solid building block for Team US F1.

"When there was all doom and gloom globally, and nobody wanted to do anything, we were out in America just doing road shows on the east and west coast," he revealed, "We had a good team of people putting together a collection of potential partners and investors in the company and, at one of them, Chad was invited through 'a friend of a friend of a friend'.

"Although I didn't get to meet him [on the] night of the presentation, I think Ken shook hands with him, but that was about it. But obviously our presentation was very much in the YouTube mould - guys starting small in the back of an office somewhere, coming up with a great idea, working hard. I think Chad liked that idea and invited us to a working breakfast the next morning in Silicon Valley, [which] went on for about four hours.

"Chad asked a lot of intelligent questions - the politics, the technology, the people, the television, the media, everything - and we obviously covered all that to his satisfaction because, from then on, he was pretty much on board with what we wanted to do. He could see that, despite F1 not having a great profile in America right now - for a number of reasons, like no driver, no team, no race right now - its strength as a global television sport in a recession is resilient. There are a lot of statistics that show that live televised sport is resilient to economic downturns and he loved that idea. I think he also loved the idea of Americans taking on the big guns and proving that we can do it."

Despite Hurley's stature in the business world, Windsor refuses to disclose any details of the financial arrangement with the American, but admitted that he has not forewarned the investor that success may be some time in coming.

"Ken and I have never been specific about the details of our budget - all I'm going to say is that we will be very lean and mean." Windsor said, repeating the mantra that he has championed since Team US F1 was first confirmed, "We are not moving away from our business model, [but] I cannot tell you how nice it feels to have somebody as nice as Chad behind us - it's a great honour and privilege for us being associated with him.

"Chad's involvement is much more than just [as] a stakeholder in the team. He is very keen to apply all the things that he has learned about new media and video and the way it works to this amazing television model that we have that is called F1. He doesn't want to do anything in a rush, but wants to learn about F1, to come in and understand where the opportunities are. And, without wanting to sound pretentious, we hope that Chad's presence in F1 will have a huge impact on the sport in general."

As well as the 'lean and mean' philosophy, Team US F1 has always maintained the belief that it can make an immediate impact on track as well as off it.

"I have to be honest, Ken and I have never said to Chad that it might take years to win races," Windsor revealed, "Ken and I are incredibly hungry for success. We will work very hard, trying to do the best job that we can given the fact that we are a 'from zero' start-up operation, doing things in a logical way with the best people we believe we can find, to the budget we believe is the right budget. If you do all that there is half a chance that you will be rewarded with success at a proportional rate."

With potential 'partner' - at least in terms of providing a European base for the team - Epsilon Euskadi also planning an F1 programme for 2010, should it succeed in replacing BMW Sauber, Windsor also came close to confirming that US F1 was considering an operational centre at the new Motorland Aragon facility in Spain.