FIA president Max Mosley has stated that there will be no chance of teams running a third car in next season's Formula One campaign, despite Ferrari repeatedly calling for the opportunity to increase its line-up.

While the Scuderia appears to have a surfeit of drivers to call on next season - with Kimi Raikkonen still having a year on his contract, Felipe Massa due to return from injury, Fernando Alonso apparently on his way to Maranello, Giancarlo Fisichella recently signed as stand-in for Massa and Michael Schumacher still considering a comeback - Mosley insists that the current document governing F1 prohibits the use of third cars with the unanimous agreement of all competing teams - of which there will be 13 next season.

Even if rumoured supporters of Ferrari's plan - thought to include both McLaren and Renault - stand in favour of a change, the president believes that there would not be universal backing.

"Three cars would mean re-writing the Concorde Agreement, and the time to think about three cars was before we all signed that, not after," Mosley told reporters at the Italian Grand Prix, "Three cars is a nice story, but it's a little bit of fantasy - and difficult to get unanimous agreement on."

The teams and the FIA finally signed a 'new' version of the Concorde Agreement, after much protraction and threats of a breakaway series, in August.


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