Brawn Grand Prix chief executive Nick Fry has predicted that the Brackley-based outfit should be in a strong position in at least three of the four remaining races this season, with only Suzuka possibly problematic.

Fry was in a buoyant mood following Sunday's Italian Grand Prix, the thirteenth round in the 2009 FIA F1 World Championship, after Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button gave the squad its fourth one-two finish of the season.

The result means Brawn GP now enjoys a 40.5 advantage over Red Bull Racing in the battle for the 2009 Constructors' championship, while Button and Barrichello both pull further away from Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in the drivers' championship. Indeed Button now has 80 points, 14 more than Barrichello and 26 ahead of Vettel, who is third.

"This is the most perfect weekend I've seen the team do, perfect strategy, perfect teamwork and I think we're going to be strong in the next four races as well," Fry confirmed to Reuters after the race at Monza. "It's going to be most likely between those two (Button and Barrichello now in the race for the 2009 Drivers' title).

"I believe that out of the four races to come, on paper we should be good at at least three of them.

"Singapore, I think, is quite suitable for the car. Abu Dhabi undoubtedly the same and in Brazil I think Rubens is going to be very strong come what may.

"Japan is a difficult circuit and might be difficult weather, but obviously we'd like to win that one as well with our Honda heritage. So I think you are going to see us fighting as hard as we can."

Team boss, Ross Brawn meanwhile has re-iterated that Button and Barrichello will both be treated equally and given the same chances to perform during the remainder of the year.

"We said we would not give any preference until it was mathematically impossible for one of them to win," Brawn added. "But I think this is going to go all the way until the last race.

"They share the information, and whilst the engineers are good friends, they're trying to beat each other, and it's done in a healthy spirit.

"We must make sure that's maintained, that there's no deviation from that because the team will remain strong as long as we all work together.

"We've got a big upgrade for Singapore, so we're in as good a position as we can hope to be at the moment."


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