Ari Vatanen has announced the seven candidates for vice-presidents for sport who will support him in his candidacy for the presidential elections of the FIA next month.

Should the representatives of the FIA's member clubs choose to elect the former World Rally Champion as the new president in place of Max Mosley, the Finn will be backed by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein from Jordan, Antonis Michaelides from Cyprus, John Naylor from Ireland, Arie Ruitenbeek from Holland, Kari O. Sohlberg from Finland, M?mtaz Tachincioglu from Turkey and Jack Wavamunno from Uganda.

"Again, I'm delighted with this selection of people who have grouped behind me," Vatanen said. "Some of them represent countries that are very well-established in international motor sport, but others come from emerging nations.

"I think it is absolutely essential to have these reformist people, considering it is change we are seeking at the elections. If we want to know, for instance, what needs to be done for motor sport in Africa, there can be no better person to ask than Jack Wavamunno. On the other hand, it is also important to remember that Hermann Tomczyk, my proposed Deputy President for Sport, represents DMSB, one of the biggest clubs of all."


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