Bernie Ecclestone has reportedly given the Canadian Grand Prix ten days to provide confirmation that it is ready and willing to be a part of the 2010 Formula One schedule.

Canada's Sun Media claims that Ecclestone is growing impatient with race organisers, and admits that he is less confident that Montreal will reclaim its place on the calendar after missing out in 2009 amid a financial dispute.

While that disagreement is understood to have been sorted out, the two sides still appear some way apart when it comes to signing a deal, with Ecclestone insisting that time is running out before he finalises the dates for 2010.

"When I come back from Japan next week, I'm going to need final answers to all of our questions," Ecclestone is quoted as saying, "If I don't have them, there won't be a grand prix in Montreal.

"We're still trying to reach [an agreement], and I'm no longer very confident. We have waited to have all of the answers, [but] we can't wait much longer."

Montreal's return, while provisional at present, would give F1 a foothold back on the North American continent after both Canada and the USA missed out this season.