The much-anticipated duel for the FIA Presidency reaches its climax in Paris on 23 October, with either Ari Vatanen or Jean Todt set to accede to the most powerful and influential post in international motor racing - but who do you think really deserves the role the most?

The election campaign has been characterised from the word 'go' by a succession of mud-slinging attacks, with Vatanen adamant that the current status quo needs to undergo radical change in order to rid the FIA of its tarnished and increasingly controversial global image - and both outgoing incumbent Max Mosley and Todt accusing the 1981 World Rally Champion of 'personal attacks', with the former even going so far as to officially warn any member clubs that choose to vote for the Finn to expect to be marginalised under a Todt regime.

Vatanen is a former MEP with an acute understanding of the key political issues facing the governing body and an insistence that the FIA needs to be made far more transparent in order to re-establish its credibility as a rule-maker and justice-dispenser. The argument against the 57-year-old is similar to that frequently levied at Conservative leader David Cameron, however - that his manifesto is all words with little to genuinely substantiate them.

Todt, for his part, has a wealth of experience from his time spent as Ferrari team principal - as well as his expertise in guiding Peugeot to glory in both rallying and sportscars prior to making his name in F1 - but the Frenchman has always been a divisive figure within the paddock, and it is feared that were he to be voted in, it would do little for the reputation of an organisation that is already perceived in some quarters as being biased in favour of the Scuderia.

So here's your chance to have your say - who would you like to see as the next President of the FIA?

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