Bruno Senna has revealed that F1 newcomers Campos Meta and Manor GP provide his best hopes of securing a place on the grid next season, although the Brazilian admits he is still talking to other teams.

Reports have suggested that a deal has already been done for Senna to join Adrian Campos' team when it makes its F1 debut next season, although Senna himself insisted that no contract has been signed that would see him join the grid in 2010.

The former GP2 race winner did confirm that talks with Campos were going well but that there were also other teams that discussions were still continuing with.

However he insisted that Campos and Manor presented his best hope of joining F1 for the new season.

"It's not done yet, we are in good condition with Campos in the negotiations but it's not done," he told Reuters. "It's only done when it's signed. I hope that we can continue going forward with the negotiations but we are not closed to the other teams either. We are still talking to other teams in case things go bad with any of the teams we are negotiating with.

"It's only 100 per cent when you are in the car for the first race but I am pretty confident because I have more than one proposition on the table. We are talking to about four or five teams but the best options are in two teams really. Manor and Campos are the strongest possibilities. Anything else is a bit less developed and I guess we will probably be in one of those cars."

The Brazilian, who has spent this season competing in the Le Mans Series with Team Oreca, added that he was hopeful that a deal would be done in the coming weeks.

"We hope that we can announce things soon," he said. "We are going forward with negotiations and if we can get everything sorted in two weeks it would be a great result."