Mark Webber claims that F1 officials will have learned a number of lessons from the chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying session.

The Red Bull driver survived the challenging conditions to secure second on the grid for the penultimate round of the season, but only after qualifying ran to almost three hours following heavy rain - which led to delays due to dangerous track conditions.

The Australian, who was vocal in his views during the session when asked about whether it should continue, admitted the right decision had eventually been taken to allow the session to run to its conclusion but questioned whether or not the session should have started on time.

"I don't think it was the right thing to start in those conditions," he was quoted by the AFP news agency. "Every driver I spoke to was of the same opinion. Fortunately, the right decision was made in the end, but TV drives things and we have to start.

"You cannot have a car losing control in the last sector here - you have to have a chance to control the cars, which means accidents will be less. The standing water was massive and visibility was a big thing. We have learned today when to drive and when not to. They are not street cars.

"They are F1 cars, they are quick and low to the ground and they go off quick when the conditions go wrong. I am sure they have learned a bit upstairs today."


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