While Formula One's newest world champion Jenson Button has admitted that he is looking forward to this weekend's inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix without the pressure of tying up the title, his rivals insist that there are still reasons for them to focus on success.

Button and the Brawn team that ran him so successfully after emerging from the ashes of Honda wrapped up their respective titles in Brazil two weeks ago and, with the exception of trying to confirm Rubens Barrichello in second place overall, have less to race for than most. However, further down the table, there is still much to be decided, particularly with the allocation of prize money at stake.

Red Bull Racing is safe is second place in the constructors' championship, but has Sebastian Vettel vying with Barrichello for the right to be runner-up to Button, while the battle for third place in the teams' standings is as intense as any, not least because it involves all adversaries Ferrari and McLaren.

The Woking team, which won last year's drivers' title with Lewis Hamilton, holds the upper hand by a single point, but Ferrari, which claimed the constructors' crown at last season's finale, is determined to cap a tough season with third spot.

"You always try to do your best - at least, I try - and it's the same story in the last race," soon-to-depart Kimi Raikkonen told a press conference at the Yas Marina circuit, "We will try to get back third place in the championship for the team."

The Finn, who has yet to find a new home for 2010, insisted that it was too late for him to prove anything personally - a view shared by fellow veteran Jarno Trulli.

"I think it's a bit late if you only try to do your best in the last race to try to prove yourself to some other team, then you shouldn't be there," Raikkonen claimed, "It's the same story as any race this year: we try to do the maximum."

"I think we race for the team as well, we don't only race for us," Trulli, who is expected to leave Toyota after Abu Dhabi, added, "We always want to do our best and obviously this is the last race and we want to finish on a high, not just for us or the team. Basically, we're in the same boat."

Double world champion Fernando Alonso, who replaces Raikkonen at Ferrari next season, admitted that Button would probably be the most relaxed driver on the grid this weekend, having seen the massive pressure of cementing the title finally lifted at Interlagos.

"I think he will be more relaxed because he did the job already, and [Brawn] also won the constructors' championship, so there is nothing really to fight for," the Spaniard confirmed, "You approach the race relaxed and you enjoy the weekend while, in the last two or three races, you maybe had some stress when you arrived.

"For me, 2005 was different because we were fighting for the constructors' championship until the last race, so there was still a little bit of stress in the weekend. But, for him, it will be quite a fun weekend."

Button admitted that he was still coming to terms with his success, but was clearly more relaxed following a stop-over in Dubai with girlfriend Jessica Michibata.

"It has been a special few days, but it's a strange feeling because you have achieved what you set out to do in your career," the 29-year old told Reuters, "For so many years, you have been fighting for it, and you've achieved it.

"This weekend I am going to enjoy myself. It has been a while since I have jumped into an F1 car and not felt stressed or a little bit under pressure. It is the first time I can relax and go and do my thing. It has been a long time since I've driven an F1 car and not thought about the season, because leading the world championship every race is very exciting but there are pressures involved with that.

"The last time I wasn't thinking about the world title would have been the last race in 2008. So this will be the first race this season I can go out there and just enjoying the weekend - which is going to be a nice feeling.

"There's a lot to achieve after here. There are new goals, and new challenges, [but] I am not going to think about them too much now."

Button also revealed that he was looking forward to being able to tell his children about his success - but insisted that he and Michibata had no plans to start a family just yet.

"My engineer was very excited over the weekend in Brazil, but he sent me a text message two days later saying 'I've just realised what we've achieved'," the Briton noted,
"Obviously he had had a couple of shandies, but he said 'I am home with my lovely family, and I've just realised what we've achieved - we are the best in the world at the moment, the best at what we do, and I cannot wait for my kids to be old enough to be able to tell them what we have achieved'.

"That is something that excited me about my future too, for sure -- having the family and telling them that your daddy was world champion. But that will be in 20 years' time, before you start writing 'Jenson can't wait to have kids'!"


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