He may not have been able to engineer it during the late 1980s, but Bernie Ecclestone has mischievously suggested that the names of Piquet and Senna could line up together in 2010.

Commenting on the eventual confirmation of Bruno Senna as the first signing by one of F1's expansion teams, Campos Meta, Ecclestone admitted that he was delighted to see one of the sport's biggest names return after a false start in 2009, but admitted that he would love to see another donning similar colours next season, despite having left F1 in disgrace following his part in the race fixing row that enveloped last season's Singapore Grand Prix.

"It's good for everybody - good for [Senna], good for Campos and good for the sport," Ecclestone told Reuters, "I am happy, I hope the car is up to him - that's important."

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Team CEO Enrique Rodriguez de Castro hinted that Campos Meta would be able to reveal more about the identity of its second driver later in the year, with McLaren reserve Pedro de la Rosa the leading candidate. Ecclestone, however, admits that he would like to see Piquet return.

"It would be good, wouldn't it? Another good name...," he teased, "That's what's been talked about actually...."