Toyota is looking to sell its 2010 F1 car, following its decision at the start of this month to quit the sport.

The Japanese manufacturer pulled out due to the global economic downturn, however it now appears that its cars could still compete next season, albeit not run by the Cologne-based concern that designed it.

According to reports by French newspaper Le Parisien a decision has been made to make the successor to the TF109, what would have been the TF110, available to purchase, something that could prove extremely attractive to one of the newcomers, such as USF1 and Manor.

Lotus and Campos Meta are unlikely to be interested given the former has concluded a deal with Aerolab, while the latter is already committed to running a Dallara-built chassis.

Meanwhile Lola is also believed to have an F1 design up for sale, after its bid to join the pinnacle of the sport as a new entrant was rejected.

More to follow as and when it develops...


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