Bruno Senna has admitted that he cannot wait to begin his Formula One career in earnest after being measured up for the Campos Meta team's first car.

The Brazilian visited Dallara's facilities in Parma recently to get a first glimpse of the car he will debut next season, and had the constructor's engineering team take down the measurements needed to design and build his seat, and confirm its position amid the dimensions and layout of the cockpit.

"I am pleasantly surprised by how advanced the development of the car is," Senna commented, "Being able to sit inside the car, do a seat fit and allow Dallara to make a tailor-made, moulded seat, taking into account my exact height and proportions, constitutes another step forward in order to be present in the F1 group test sessions in February."

Senna, who will attempt to shake off the expected comparisons with esteemed uncle Ayrton when he makes his first grand prix appearance in Bahrain next March, admitted that working with Dallara - who built that cars in which he excelled in GP2 - was both comfortable and confidence-inspiring.

"I have raced in cars made by Dallara before and I trust completely in their way of working, as well as their experience and quality," he noted, "We are a new team and we are going to struggle at the beginning for sure but, if we keep on working in this direction, we will be able to make a good debut in our first season."

Campos Meta's Toni Cuquerella, charged with overseeing work at Dallara, joined Senna on his visit and admitted that he was equally - and pleasantly - surprised with the progress being made on the team's first F1 car.

"The project is really advanced and we have already passed all the internal tests of homologation," he confirmed, "Dallara has been working extraordinarily hard for months and we are really happy with the results up to now.

"Thanks to the current advanced development of the car and the data provided by Dallara, we have been able to carry out the first simulations in almost all the circuits that will organise a grand prix in 2010."

Team boss Adri?n Campos has revealed that, with the build as far advanced as it is at present, the squad can expect to have at least one car ready to run at the Valencia test at the beginning of February, with a second joining it in Barcelona two weeks later.

The Spanish sessions will mark Senna's first opportunity to begin to shape his own F1 legacy, having naturally been compared to three-time world champion Ayrton throughout his career. The subject, the Brazilian admits, will continue to dog him until he can prove that he deserves his place in the top flight.

"I started my first race with a film crew on my backside," he told the BBC, "so, since the beginning, there has been a lot of pressure, a lot of expectation, a lot of demand. It has been a constant in my life.

"I have always had more attention on me than others on my level, [and] I know that, in F1, the proportion will be much higher. I am not unaware of that, but I believe I am prepared for it. Every driver who goes into F1 has huge pressure on their back and I believe I can cope with that. I have done something like 5000 interviews in my life, and maybe 99 per cent of them have mentioned Ayrton.

"In a way, it is bad that they are all asking me about Ayrton, but I believe that as people know me better this will also die down a little bit. I believe the best way of creating my own identity and success is to achieve results. F1 is the biggest showcase for that."

While admitting that the Senna name has helped him on his way up the ladder, and in attracting his current deal from Campos, he insists that there are drawbacks, particularly the media interest that has come with the family link.

"Adrian [Campos] knows me and is very confident in what I can do inside and outside the car," he noted, "He decided to invest in me, and said 'we will give you a free drive, and we can work together to find sponsors', which is in my interest as well. He knows that in the car I can do good things.

"It is a pretty unique situation this year in that most of the teams are asking for sponsorship or partnership from drivers, and most of the teams were dependent on that. They were going to decide on their drivers towards the end of the year, [but] I didn't want to be in their hands, to be waiting for them to decide, so I made the calculated risk decision of going with a new team. But we have great confidence that Campos will have the right things from the start.

"My objective is always to make the best of the situation I am in. Obviously, if I can land a big team drive after my period with Campos, then it would be great but, for sure, it won't be automatic. I will have to work very hard for it, and my objective now is to work very hard with [Campos] achieve the goals we have set and show people what I can do, because that is how my career will go up."