The Nurburgring is looking to extend its deal to ensure its remains on the FIA F1 World Championship schedule beyond 2011.

The German Grand Prix currently alternates annually between the 'Ring and Hockenheim, and politicians of the local Rhineland-Palatinate state have confirmed that they want to sign a new deal.

However economic minister Hendrik Herring has revealed that it will not be retained 'at any price'.

Indeed according to reports by German news agency, SID, the 'Ring is looking for a more favourable deal.

"I hope and expect that more favourable conditions are granted for us," Prime Minister Kurt Beck added.

Meanwhile, in a separate, but related development, it has been reported that Nurburgring managing director Walter Kafitz, who has been in charge for the last 15 years, is no longer at the helm. Kafitz's exit follows the take over by the privately-owned Lindner Group.


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