Talk Michael Schumacher will return to F1 with Mercedes Grand Prix is now 'maybe getting a bit stronger than a rumour', that's the view of F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone.

All sorts of wild speculation has been flying around in recent weeks, principally that Mercedes Grand Prix - formerly F1 2009 World Champion Brawn GP - want to poach Schumacher away from Ferrari to join ex-Williams ace Nico Rosberg in an all-German 'super team' next year.

Schumacher himself has also added fuel to the fire and recently admitted that 'anything can happen' when pressed about a possible return to competition in 2010 [see separate story click here].

"Oh, it would be magic [if he returned]," Ecclestone mused in report in British broadsheet newspaper, The Times. "You saw the interest he created when he was going to come back after Felipe Massa had his accident.

"I would personally doubt that he's going to make a comeback but, having said that, it's maybe getting a bit stronger than a rumour."

Nick Heidfeld is the other man that has been linked to Mercedes Grand Prix - and Ecclestone added if it was a choice between Heidfeld and Schumacher, it wouldn't be difficult to make a decision.

"Well you'd have to pick Michael wouldn't you?" Eccelestone continued. "There's no discussion about that. It's the obvious thing. Whether or not this is going to happen, I don't know. If I was Michael I wouldn't do it, but I'm sure he knows he could get the job done."


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