Christian Horner believes that Jenson Button could do better than Lewis Hamilton next season as a result of the new rule changes.

Button will team up with Hamilton in 2010 having signed a deal to go to McLaren-Mercedes. However with the ban on re-fuelling and the smaller front tyre, Horner reckons it could benefit Button's smoother driving style.

Speaking to British tabloid newspaper, The Mirror, the Red Bull Racing team principal warned though that Button faces a tough test going up against Hamilton, especially as it is 'Lewis' team'.

"I am surprised Mercedes [formerly 2009 F1 Constructors' Champions Brawn GP] let Jenson go, but that was obviously their choice," Horner told the 'paper.

"It's a big call from Jenson to take on Lewis at McLaren. But he obviously feels confident enough in his own ability to do that.

"Now the monkey is off his back of having won a world championship, he will enter next year with the pressure lifted in almost a carefree manner and as a result of that drive well.

"The regulation changes could suit him and his style - it will be a fascinating dual between the two of them.

"Tyre management is going to be crucial. Hopefully they will take lots of points off each other.

"Jenson didn't sign as a #2 driver and he's got clear objectives."

Horner meanwhile was full of praise for 2009 F1 Championship runner-up Sebastian Vettel - who has been touted as the 'new' Michael Schumacher.

Furthermore he is confident that Vettel and Mark Webber can help Red Bull build on what they achieved in '09.

"From the first day in the car, when Sebastian asked to get out for a 'Pat Cash', he's just been a pleasure to work with," Horner added in a separate interview with The Times. "You forget that he is not old enough to rent a hire car yet. What he's achieved in a short space of time is very, very special.

"We now have the tools though, as we demonstrated this year, to challenge for the championship and ultimately win it, and that must be our target next season," he added.