Flavio Briatore will learn today the outcome of his appeal against his lifetime ban from any FIA-sanctioned form of motorsport.

Briatore believes the punishment imposed by the governing body's World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) back in September for the prominent role he was deemed to have played in the 'Singapore-gate' race-fixing scandal is unjust.

Indeed he described the WMSC hearing, which former FIA president Max Mosley had personally advised him not to attend, as a 'sham', and claimed that the council had committed a 'deliberate breach of the rights of defence', a 'breach of the rules of natural justice' and a 'manifest excess and abuse of power'.

Moreover, he has accused Mosley in particular of having been 'blinded by a desire for personal revenge' after the pair fell out spectacularly over the bitter FIA/FOTA civil war during the summer, when the Englishman controversially described his nemesis of being the leader of 'the loonies'.

The latter recently retaliated by insisting that far from being biased against the disgraced former Renault F1 managing director, 'the FIA have repeatedly given him the benefit of the doubt - it did so when prohibited software was found in a car under his control; again when a component was removed from his team's refuelling equipment; again when his team failed to declare properly the purpose of a particular suspension component and, most recently, when they were caught with information illicitly acquired from another team' [see separate story - click here].

Adding that 'each time his team was caught, the FIA accepted Briatore's claim that he was not involved', Mosley concluded that on this occasion, 'overwhelming evidence... established Briatore's responsibility beyond question - the suggestion that all this was somehow manufactured for reasons of personal vengeance is a desperate and unsustainable argument.'

The verdict from the French High Court is expected soon.

More to follow then...


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