Last month, asked you to vote on if Michael Schumacher will regret his decision to return to F1 with Mercedes.

Voting closed on Tuesday, with a clear majority, 68.07 per cent, backing the record-breaking multiple F1 world champion to succeed in F1 2010. Indeed only 31.93 per cent said that his decision to come out of retirement was a mistake.

The full results are as follows...

Poll results: Will Michael Schumacher regret his decision to return to F1 with Mercedes?

Yes, he is too old now: 4.83 per cent
Yes, he's been out of F1 too long: 7.71 per cent
Yes, Hamilton et al will easily beat him: 6.71 per cent
Yes, he has nothing to prove or gain: 12.68 per cent

No, he is still the best: 16.63 per cent No, he still has a lot to offer: 34.60 per cent
No, he will blitz rivals: 6.44 per cent
No, age is but a number! 10.40 per cent