The top ten cars on the grid for each grand prix in F1 2010 could be forced to begin the race on the same tyres with which they ended qualifying, according to new proposals from the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA)'s Sporting Working Group.

Whilst the incoming ban on refuelling will henceforth return all phases of qualifying to a Q2-style low-fuel banzai run, it has now been suggested that the fastest ten competitors who progress on to Q3 this year will have to carry over the tyres they use to achieve their grid position into the fuel-heavy opening stint of the race.

Thus, should a driver opt to go all-out on soft rubber in order to ensure himself of a strong starting spot, he might find himself compromised when his tyres fade sooner than those of a rival who elects to sacrifice ultimate qualifying speed for race day longevity on the harder 'Options' - but then equally, the latter decision could result in losing time early on in traffic.

The move has been put forward in an effort to inject some uncertainty into the strategies employed by teams now that refuelling is no longer a consideration - but it will need to be rubber-stamped by both the F1 Commission and FIA World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) if it is to ultimately see the light of day.


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