Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali has warned his team to be cautious and not to take anything for granted, despite the fabulous form shown this week during testing at Valencia in Spain, the first test of the year.

The Scuderia blitzed the field this week with Felipe Massa setting the pace on days one and two, before Fernando Alonso took over and kept the Prancing Horse on top for the third and final day - with a 1 minute 11.470 second lap, the quickest time of the week.

Speaking following the three-day session though, Domenicali wasn't getting carried away and added that it would be wrong to make any assumptions.

"We know very well that the tests' lap times, especially this year, have to be handled with care. Using an Italian expression from football, we're still in 'August football'," Domenicali told "We can't forget where we were in terms of performance at the last GP last year. There is still a lot of work to do to close the gap and there are still many problems we have to solve.

"And then we don't know the petrol loads the other cars had on board, so it's impossible to get a clear idea of the relative strengths on the track. Maybe someone also wants to play hide-and-seek, and some still have to present their cars.

"There are no miracles in F1: if you want to be fast you have to work hard for months and months and then you'll meet your competitors, who have as much capacity and are as motivated as you. We can't take anything for granted and we shouldn't delude ourselves by indications, which could be completely misleading.

"We can't work like in football where two good or bad results are enough to pass from riches-to-rags or vice versa."

Despite his caution though, Domenicali was delighted by one thing, namely the fact the team had no real issues with their F1 2010 car, the F10.

"If there is one thing we're really satisfied with then it's the reliability the car has shown," he confirmed. "The more than 1,400 kilometres driven are a very good start and we need to ensure that the intense work at the test stand and in terms of simulations over the weeks before the debut on the track, will bear fruit.

"In Valencia we also started to get to know the new Bridgestone tyres' behaviour also related to the petrol load.

"But the data is still absolutely relative: this track is not particularly demanding on the tyres and the temperatures weren't the ones we'll have for example during the season's first three races," he summed-up.