Nelson Piquet Jr has hinted that he could return to F1, although he doesn't think there is a chance it will happen this year.

Piquet, who left F1 with his tail between his legs in the wake of Singapore-gate - one of the most explosive examples of cheating in recent sporting memory - began his career on the other side of the Pond in NASCAR last weekend, when he made his debut in the ARCA Racing Series' curtain-raising Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200.

Speaking to Motorsport Aktuell though, the former Renault F1 driver added that he won't necessarily compete exclusively in the USA in 2010.

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"I have all sorts of plans, and I am keeping my eyes and ears open," he explained. "Let's see what I find to drive.

"In December I finished just behind Michael Schumacher at the kart world championships in Las Vegas. I am also working on a deal to go to Le Mans with a GT2 Ferrari."

Asked specifically about F1, Piquet was non-committal.

"Who knows. But this year, F1 is in a bit of a muddle, with all these (new) teams but no one knowing whether they will be there or not. It reminds me more of GP2," he concluded.