Mark Webber admits it is difficult to make predictions about the 2010 F1 season after taking part in his first pre-season test of the year at Jerez.

Following the launch of the new Red Bull RB6 on Wednesday, Webber spent two days of running with the new car before handing the machine over to team-mate Sebastian Vettel - who will conclude his running in Spain today.

Despite being sidelined by an oil leak on his first day of running, Webber managed more than 100 laps of the circuit on Thursday and insisted that the early impressions of the car were what he had expected.

"We are on target - that is what [they] would say," he told the official F1 website, when asked what his thoughts would say about the RB6. "The mileage was a little bit above average. It wasn't sensational but we made a pretty good start, and we are pretty satisfied with the mileage we did, as it tells something about reliability.

"I think the team has some very good, high expectations. We are very excited, we've worked hard and there's been a lot of anticipation. I like to believe that we are going to be there."

Webber ended the first - rain-affected - day of testing with the ninth quickest time and followed that finishing in the same position on day two, but the Australian admitted that it was difficult to read too much into the times as teams try a series of programmes ahead of the refuelling ban for 2010.

"There are a lot of teams doing a similar job at the moment," he said. "It is hard to read any more into it than that. We have a lot of variety in performance at the moment because of the different fuel loads obviously. We will see a difference of something like five seconds per lap from the start of the race to the end of the race. That is massive. And what I see is that people are testing different parts of a race, so it's almost impossible to say who is doing what.

"We are focusing on ourselves at the moment. I would not want to predict who is really on top. Kobayashi was doing fantastic times on Thursday, and the (BMW Sauber) car looks amazing, but how much fuel was he on? What is his time worth? It's the fuel that makes the car look so different."


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