Bertrand Baguette has said that he is 'convinced' he will be able to make his F1 debut this season - and ideally he wants to do so at Spa, venue for his home race, the Belgian Grand Prix on August 29.

Baguette, who won the World Series by Renault last year and who test for Renault in December, added that he is working on putting together a budget to ensure he is in a good position should a vacancy crop up.

"I'll go to the first race in Bahrain next weekend in order to show my face to the team bosses," Baguette told Belgian 'paper De Standaard.

"I am convinced that over the course of the year seats will become available. With my manager, Rick Gorne, I am working hard for a sufficient budget. Ideally I will start at the Belgian Grand Prix on August 29 and then continue improving towards the end of the season."

Asked if he has any other options, Baguette added that he is considering racing elsewhere, although he was keen to emphasise that his main focus is F1.

"F1 remains my priority although alternatives are the IndyCar Series or Superleague Formula," he continued. "I have to stay in shape in order to be ready for when an F1 opportunity arises."