Four-time Formula One world champion is ready to embrace the ban on mid-race refuelling, convinced that it will improve the spectacle of racing in 2010, but believes that changing they tyre rules as well.

The Frenchman won the last F1 title under the previous refuelling hiatus and sees the latest move as a beneficial one for the sport, even though his view is not shared by everyone, with opponents convinced that a crucial tactical element has been lost. Prost, however, believes that, given time, the new crop of F1 drivers will come to appreciate the new challenge of having to think more about their racing, and how they treat their cars - and, importantly, the tyres - with the varying fuel load

"The drivers have never experimented with that before, so they are a bit confused," he told BBC Sport in Bahrain, "They need to get used to it. It may take some races, but it will be better."

However, 'le Professeur' - who is acting as one of this weekend's race stewards - believes that the spectacle would be further enhanced by giving drivers the freedom to choose which tyres they used on race day.

"If it was my decision, I would have left freedom about the tyres," he explained, "You have one soft, one hard and freedom. [It would be] exactly the same - you start the race with the tyres you qualify with but, after that, freedom. If you want to use only soft tyres or only hard tyres [in the race], you do what you want."

Prost would not be drawn on which drivers he felt would benefit from the change in the regulations - others have pointed at Jenson Button's smooth style and Michael Schumacher's vast experience - but did not expect many to be left behind as the season progressed.

"They have got used to a sprint - in practice, qualifying, race - and having 60kg of fuel or 10kg makes no difference," he said, "However, when you start with 160kg, you have to think differently, and they are not used to that. But, after a few races, I am sure the good drivers, the top drivers, will like it."