He may not have found the Bahrain Grand Prix to be all that exciting, but Michael Schumacher admits that the sport is 'easier' than it was prior to his retirement in 2006.

The seven-time champion took sixth place on his debut for Mercedes after three years away from the sport, although the German's admitted afterwards that the change in regulations for this season had made it near impossible for him to try and overtake.

With his only real issue in the race being caused by an ill-fitting visor on his helmet in the closing stages of the race, Schumacher admitted that the race had been 'easier' than expected, with the quality of the current Bridgestone tyres meaning cars weren't as difficult to drive as in the past.

"In the last laps the sun was quite low and my helmet was a bit out of place, so I had to keep correcting it so I could see properly," he told the Guardian. "But I had no physical problems. I've been training and preparing a lot.

"The race wasn't very hard for me. If you look at the lap times, you can see that we are a lot slower than when I was driving before. That's because of the tyres we have now. It's not possible to push as hard as before, so therefore it's easier for the driver."

Schumacher again insisted that he had enjoyed being back behind the wheel of the car, although he admitted that he had work to do to adapt his driving style to one that would be better suited to the narrow front tyres being used in 2010.

"It was good fun," he said. "The start was interesting; I made up a position. I had some concerns beforehand because I hadn't made a start for some time. Of course I was practising during the winter but, when you do it for the first time at a race, it's a different thing. But I'm quite happy about the way it worked out. When it became clear later in the race I would not be able to overtake, I was concentrating on the driver behind me [Jenson Button], trying not to make any mistakes and bringing the car home.

"I'd say tyres are the thing that has changed most since I last raced three years ago. With my driving style, I have to get the car to the point that I work better with this narrower front tyre. I want the car to move around the corner the way I think it should be doing it. That's something we have to work on."


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