Jarno Trulli has revealed that Lotus Racing will remain in something of a holding pattern development-wise while Formula One works through the 'flyaway' start to the season.

While few teams are expected to bring major advances to their cars at the races in Australia, Malaysia and China, Trulli admitted that the newcomer would only really start bringing new ideas to the T127 when the calendar returned to Europe, but hoped that basic experience and track time would allow Lotus to edge closer to the more established outfits.

"We were all very happy to finish the race with both cars - this is what our target was and we achieved it," he said of 'new' Lotus' debut in Bahrain, "Not in an easy way as, for the new teams, life is very hard at the beginning. We were limited in time, and the team has done a great, great job to put both cars on the grid well prepared and reliable.

"I think the team had done a very good job. Operationally, we are extremely experienced as there are a lot of experienced people who are also professional, and the pit-stops, race preparation, race weekend, all went pretty smoothly. We had some little mechanical gremlins, but nothing really major. The last ten laps were difficult for me as I lost the hydraulics, but I managed to finish the race.

"At the end of the day, Bahrain was a great day for Lotus but, now, we have to look forward and see how we can improve our performance. The aim is to get closer, but how close [we can get] we don't know. At the moment, it is a bit too difficult. We know that these first four races will be very hard. We don't have any major improvement on the car and only once we are back in Europe will we probably start pushing.

"We have got a few bits [in Melbourne], probably as everybody else has, but nothing really major or what we would need to make a step. We target the first four races to try and sort the little problems out and try to be reliable in order to finish all the races and to run the team through the race weekend like qualifying, pit-stops, and do our job to build up and gel the team together. Then, once in Europe, we will really have to start pushing hard on the car development.

"We know that we have a lot of work ahead of us, but the team has shown they are very committed. Everybody is committed and motivated and serious about this project. But things are not going to happen from one day to another as we need a bit of time."


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