Bruno Senna has admitted that, despite the extra - and sometimes unwanted - attention it brings, he would not be in Formula One had he not adopted his famous family name.

Asked, again, about the weight of carrying the Senna legacy into the top flight, the Brazilian conceded that he had had little option but to use the name if he was to make his way in motorsport, even though it has subsequently seen the media focus on his late uncle Ayrton.

"Not my choice!" Senna insisted, "There was no point in starting my career racing as Bruno Lalli because, as soon as people found out that I was related to Ayrton, they would call me a coward for trying to run away from it. So there was no point to it. I just assumed that the natural way was that people would call me Bruno Senna. I don't have a choice with that."

The Hispania Racing Team driver went on to explain that the name on his passport was Bruno Senna Lalli, his birth name, but pointed out that, in Brazil, it was possible to choose names with no effective rule for carrying on family lines. However, he insisted that he had no illusions of the Senna name parachuting him into a leading F1 seat, and claimed that he was in the top flight as much as a result of his own success.

"Obviously, it would be great to start in a car in which I could be fighting for a win, but this is the opportunity that I've been presented with," he reasoned, "However, I'm not only here because of my surname. I have results in my short career that qualify me to have a superlicence, so I guess I'm entitled to be here as much as anyone else with the same results."


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